Review of AEG FSS62800P Integrated Dishwasher

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oh and welcome to our kitchen and my

review of our new dishwasher which is an

AEG FS 6800

P so just to demonstrate what I think is

one of the coolest the more useful

features of this dishwasher is the

listing lower tray so when you're all

one in dishwasher you simply pull it out

and okay little locks into place halfway

which is much more accessible if you're

quite a tall person like me it serves

you bending down all the way to the

floor to empty the dishes and the

mineral wrap is this lower rack so it is

spring-loaded they're two Pistons inside

which support the way to the comes out

and look so you don't have to have big

strong arms to pull it off even if isn't

look you know learn with quite heavy

crockery like this or in your comes it's

quite smooth and it's supporting weight

supported so it comes out very easily

similarly and when you want to put it

back in you just release the catch here

and it got smoothly down and back

happening and because the wave supported

by those Pistons inside didn't got like

a stone you want to hang on to while it

goes in got very nice and smoothly so

you're not good at any risk of damaging

your clock Leona can delicate that you

might have put in there the little nook

quite spacious and I'm very flexible

you've got some racks at the front that

will fold up and down so you can either

put you know small dishes are items in

there I can leave that space for larger

items there are Papa blacks at the side

and that you can use to put small items

or say like this a knife or something

like that on the top and these will also

support wine glass stems etc if you've

got the quickly delicate wine glasses

with with fine stems and lots of petals

of the opposite side these rats have we

the grips on them so that if you put a

wineglass them in there it will grip it

so it's not going to the force of the

water in the dishwasher isn't going to

you know to make it bump into anything


so this nicely protected and this metal

rack is also height adjustable which

Adele unit it's on the higher setting at

the moment which means there's more room

in the wrap underneath so you can put

taller items underneath and at the

moment or with that only that that

setting on it's not legal is that you

can't you can't put at all cooking here

and get it to Klaus and so if you had to

put something tall on there it was

actually attaching there but I said the

baskets adjustable so you simply listed

okay and that is it goes barely getting

awesome a lower setting so again that'll

make walls in there what it may mean is

that you may not be able to get your

larger items in the bottom the larger

items in the top so it's a little bit of

a trade-off between two well that would

be careful warden except you can get

them now and that really is only a

Marion legal tool one of my favorite

features of this dishwasher is that it

has a separate corporal iraq and call me

obsessive compulsive or whatever but i

liked all the corporate separated so

it's not touching one another so you

know it's all going to get clean and

also ready several places that when

you're washing and cooking it you

shouldn't let knives and forks touch

because often of other at the same sets

they made them a different grade steel

when you get contact like that in

dishwasher with high volumes of water

etcetera and detergents you have to get

rough spots and caused by the reaction

between different grades and that like

they taught you overall though the space

is very flexible that lots of room in

here you can either get the settings in

for ten or twelve people at once or you

know good few days with a rillette

cetera very number each family I'm not a

great favorite putting

comes in here because we are quite heavy

Lucretia funds which are cascaded which

have deadly ones as well and I would

still personally not put laws in here I

did put I've never put them in any

dishwasher because I think there they

are too heavy for go to any years in way

baskets is to tick but this will

certainly deal with you know good thick

heavy clock etc and mediums of light

weight comes will be quite easily

another say the operation of wrapping is

really smooth back and an essentially a

tall person are you going to do the but

back that feature is an absolute godsend

so just have a look at the controls

which are very simple but actually cover

a wide range of options on this

dishwasher and simple on/off button

you've got an LED display which tells

you which program is selected and how

long that's going to last and by default

and program one is the the Ecore option

and it's that program that gives the

dishwasher is it plus plus energy

efficiency reacting and well there are a

number of other programs you can select

so you've got as I said by default

Ecore program you've then got an art or

sense program which the dishwasher

automatically and it takes how heavily

soiled there the pots and pans are that

you put in there and adjust the wash

program and the temperature accordingly

and eighty three is it's a heavy soil

program so if again it is a good pretty

washing a shock so if you've got every

sort of cans etc you can wash those and

it also washes a higher temperature

there's a quick wash of P 30 still sixty

degrees so it's a good temperature wash

but if you just want to put items in for

a quick to wash myself and my wife

usually just on the tool avoiding the

week so very often we just need a you

know a quick wash for the bits and

pieces we use but often at the weekend

all the children descend and friends and

we can have a right house force or

having a range of opportunities really

useful there's a particular washboard

delicate item the social washing warning

best crystal and you can use that and

there is also a very handy silent option

and it slows the speed of the pump down

so that the dishwasher didn't make as

much noise when it's but exactly in

operation so you know if you've got a

dinner party and the music's down long

and the conversation is good and we know

what you're going to do this wash it and

it's looked in that silent program is a

very good option and one of the

interesting thing tips you're shielded

or there is actually a warning light

which which when the dish washes off so

I'm the little package of red wine

didn't think anybody completely lose

really that that shows you the

dishwashing that for your honor and

running when the programs finish that

turns green so you know what it's done

so the glance without having to open the

door put your ear to it to listen to you

know whether whether it's all in ruling

or whether the program's finished just a

quick word about installation and I

install this himself and a reasonably

confident handyman thought most people

would be able to tack their own of that

and it comes with comprehensive

instructions and just two point eight

this is what the colabello cleaning tag

and although this was not require any

sort of carcass or unit to put the

dishwasher into before you put it in

your knowledge unit you just need a gap

of 600 millimeters and and this will

fill that space and what you need is a

standard and water appliance connection

with a idealist shutoff valve so you can

turn it on and off as a money magnet

this washed out forever at whatever

reason I need 13 amp power supply as I

said it does come with with

comprehensive instructions and this went

in the space that we're all dishwasher

one was in which was given actually

Baltic and I was able to use and this

front panel off the or dishwasher about

taking off that and putting it onto this

one and to assist in that there is a

full ten player in the with the

instructions in the fitting pit of the

dishwasher which shows you where to put

the screws and mounting brackets which

allows you to actually fasten the door

you call the door to the door of the

dishwasher well I think that just about

covers everything I wanted to show you

hope you found that helpful and

informative as they have all paid up so

you may put nine whether one of these is

something you would want on office a

little bit the AEG FSS six to eight zero

zero paid looking or it's a little bit


thanks Bernie