Complete beginner's guide to 3D printing - Assembly, tour, slicing, levelling and first prints

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have you just got your first 3d printer

in this video I'll take you through

assembly a tour and how to do your first

print so you've just got your first 3d

printer and you're really excited about

the possibilities but maybe you're not

quite so sure where to start this video

aims to be your companion on how to

assemble the printer learn what all of

the parts do and then do your first

prints the printer I have here is the

end of three it's the perfect gateway

printer to get people into the Hobby

it's relatively inexpensive and it's got

great performance out of the box they're

not all perfect however so in this video

we'll look for some areas to check to

avoid disaster if you're following along

and a printer besides this don't worry

I'm gonna cover lots of general

principles so let's get started by