Excavator Training & Operation (Beginner) 2020 | Heavy Equipment Operator Training

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-Hey, everyone in this training video.

This is going to be our beginner entry-level excavator training.

Check this out.


-Everyone, this is replacing our excavator 101.

If you’ve seen that, that’s one of our original training videos.

It’s almost two years old, so we thought we’d do a fresher one.

It’s 2020 right now. We want to do a beginner level.

I’ll caution you upfront, if you are an experienced operator,

this is probably not going to be the video for you because

we’re just going to go over very basic entry-level controls.

As with all of my videos, what I say, I am not an expert,

not claiming to be.

I’m just going to show you what I’ve learned.

I think it’s a really good overview.

We’ve also already done the site inspection,

so we know where we’re digging.

It’s our training area, so we know all the utilities that are here.

Then finally, the preop inspection.

Probably one of the most important pieces before

operating any heavy equipment is doing a pre-op, which again,