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how's the one out there welcome from H

to check video see I want to show you

how to use 3d touch on the iPhone 6s and

6s plus now it's really interesting this

feature is automatically turned on it is

only optimized for certain Apple apps

not every single app uses it but it's

really important that you distinguish

between what is 3d touch and what is

like holding down on an app because I

spent a couple of minutes trying to

figure this teacher out and I'm sure

some of you guys are probably struggling

the same way so if I hold down for

example on the call app I just hold down

on it it shakes this is not 3d touch

right and I'm sitting here like hey I'm

on the video he held down on the phone

and he held down the camera and

something happened

so think of it like if you're just like

tapping the screen or like putting your

finger on the screen but not applying

any pressure then you're not activating

the 3d touch to actually activate 3d

touch you have to actually press down so

you kind of like have to put some force

on it so again just holding down not

really like pressing down the screen but

when I press with force

so like push so it's like you're pushing

into the screen then it accesses these

menus right here so take selfie record

video or course slo-mo take a picture

whatever camera app is compatible so

right now again I'm pressing down really

hard but your finger has to actually

press into the screen so you've got to

have actual force not just like I'm

tapping harder it's not tapping harder

it's actually like and this is kind of

like what I already see I like it don't

like about it is like unless you're like

really using force on the screen it

doesn't activate it so right now I'm

just going to hold down the app nothing

but I want to press so I'm actually so

once you actually press into the screen

that's when it kicks in and if you watch

the Apple announcement and they show you

kind of like the mechanism

of how they built the screen and how it

works the screen actually reads when

your finger but basically it applies

pressure onto the screen so if you're

just having finger on the screen which

is like right now I just have my finger

show you here I just have my finger on

the screen you see that just normally

activates you know like being able to

move the apps around but it's when I

apply full pressure see that so that's

Safari and you can you know show

bookmarks private tabs whatever music so

notice this if it shakes like that it

means that there is no 3d touch setup

for that particular app so for example

music doesn't have a shortcut for 3d

touch email

so that's kind of cool I can add my

account without even going into the app

I can just do that to get started so

that's pretty cool so settings so

settings doesn't have one so again

that's why the screen is kind of shakes

like that app store also doesn't have

one the fact let's try all the

homescreen apps just to see so let's

jump to calendar so calendar has add an

event which I think is crazy useful I

could definitely see myself using that

one photos doesn't have one camera

obviously that's what my favorites

weather doesn't have one o'clock

just try clock again oh sweet

creating alarms that's pretty fun now

granted I would prefer you Siri for

creating alarms I'd like it's easier to

just say hey Siri set an alarm for so

and so but still corby over this access

from the screen maps has a nice little

selection here so we have directions

home mark my location similar location

and search nearby so that's a very

useful 3d touch list there for video

none wallet none notebook okay so for

notepad we can create a new note

create a you know a note with the

picture in it or do a sketch so that's

pretty cool

reminders so again it's you really got

to apply that pressure so minders yep

stocks none iTunes store none heart

sensor none iBooks such book store and

news so that's just kind of a kind of a

basic rundown of how 3d touch works

because I was i I you know set the phone

Robin I'm playing with it and I'm like

hey how come 3d touch isn't working do I

have to turn something on so no it's not

something you have to turn on it's

automatically on but it's a matter of

you applying the right amount of

pressure without the right amount of

pressure it's just going to do this

thing where it like shakes the apps up

this is just like touching the screen

versus like holding down remember

holding down actually applying pressure

onto the screen and that will activate

your 3d touch anyway guys hope you found

this video helpful make sure you like

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