How 3D Touch works on the iPhone 6S

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hey this is dieter from the verge and

this is the all-new iPhone 6s and the

most important feature on the iPhone

success to me is this new thing called

3d touch and basically what it means is

that the screen on the iPhone is now

pressure sensitive which gives you a

bunch of options to do cool weird things

so for example in the messaging app you

can press a little bit hard on a link

and it will pop up a little preview

window of the webpage and then you can

just lift your finger off and it goes

away you can do the same thing with an

address and it pops up a little preview

of maps or you can press harder in and

it actually opens up the maps app so

that's called peek and pop you can peek

at the thing that's being linked to or

you can pop into the full thing the same

idea works in say email so if I'm