How To Open A Bank Account For Teenagers Under 18 | Money Management Series

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hey guys it's miss miami ayanna

back with another video


okay so as i've been talking about money


quite a bit i also want to acknowledge

the fact that

you can start this process at literally

any age

and i say the younger the better


because when you are young with zero


that is the best time to understand

your finances and make mistakes because

you don't have the stress of paying

bills but

at any rate it is important at any age

and at any time and the way that i say

it's easiest to start

your journey of tracking your finances


through opening a bank account which i

did actually talk about

in a previous video so if you haven't

seen that

check the video in the corner over here

but for today's video i really want to

focus the attention on

the people that are minors between the

age of 14 to 18

that are really into saving and really

want to open up a bank account

but maybe you're unsure how to do that

so this video is for you

and let's get right into this


so i mentioned in a previous video that

the common practice of opening an

account as a minor

is by having an adult co-sign and puts


into a joint account however i do

know and acknowledge the fact that there

are circumstances

where you may not feel comfortable

opening an account with your parents

so i do want to give you guys a few

options that you can try to work with

and figure out which one is best for you

so continuing along the co-signing route

if you're not comfortable with your

parents maybe you can try

a grandparent a really close relative

a teacher that you confide in has your


a mentor anybody that you really feel

confident and comfortable joining your

account with

and knowing that they can still see some

of your finances

and your financial tracking so you want

to ensure

that this is a connection and a tie that

you do feel comfortable with

over the course of time until you turn

18. if those options still feel a little


iffy to you trying to work with an adult

then there is one other option which is

simply going into a bank and requesting

to open an account

as a minor i do know that this has

worked for somebody

relatively close to me a family friend

when she was a teenager she worked

really hard and saved up about

five hundred dollars and she continued

to do little odd jobs because

she just loved the idea of having her

own money

so she didn't want to ask her parents

and i don't even think that she had the

means to

so she just went into the bank and asked

the teller to help her open up a bank

account and she was persistent she kept

asking until one day

she let the person know i would save

this amount of money and i really want

to open up my account

and the banker was so impressed at the

fact that she had

500 or more that they helped her open up

the account the same day

and that's how she was able to open up

her own

personal account as a minor by herself

so the same thing can actually work for

you all

if one bank doesn't help you you can

always try another bank

or you can just continue to walk in each

week and request

that they help you out and say i have

this amount saved

and i am really dedicated to opening up

this account

it will really benefit me in so many


so just have the confidence or build up

your confidence

to march into a bank and request

that you have an account open for you

it'll be a great accomplishment

and i know that you will feel absolutely


when you finally have your own way to

track your finances

so i hope that this video was helpful

for you guys

and if you feel that you want any

guidance on trying to figure out

how to build up the confidence to go

into the bank and request that

a bank account is opened you can check

out my

video linked over here on how to feel

comfortable with yourself

this will really help you and give you a

few tips on how to

speak up for yourself and get exactly

what you want

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alright i'll see you guys in the next

video bye