A Dialogue Between A Bank Manager And A Customer on Opening An Account

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a dialogue between

a customer and a bank manager

good afternoon good afternoon

may i come in

yes of course

can i have a seat

sure thank you

welcome what can i do for you

i want to open an account with your bank

will you tell me what kind of account

you want to open

actually i have got a handsome amount of

money from a business

and you want to save it okay

yes you are right

i am giving you a form to fill it up

just fill it up with the information


then come to me

what type of account am i going to open

it is a saving account

would you please explain what is saving


it means you can save any amount of

money at any time

and you can withdraw any amount from

your account


oh i see

do i need to do anything more

yes you have to deposit an amount of

initial money to open the account

what is the amount

it may be at least 100 or more than 100

thank you for your kind corporation

you are welcome

okay goodbye