How To Peel A Banana PROPERLY-Tutorial

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hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to peel a banana properly now all of

my life I have been peeling bananas from

the top and it works decently most of

the time but sometimes it can be hard to

get the peeling process started and

sometimes I even end up squishing the

top of the banana so when you peel a


most people peel it like this however if

you want to peel a banana properly you

should peel it from this side right here

it's actually a really really simple

process and I'll show you how to do it

in this video and you won't have to

worry about struggling with the peeling

process or squishing the top of the

banana it just works really really

easily so basically you're gonna take

this part right here and you're just

gonna go right to the end of it use your

thumbs and your index fingers and squish

it and just peel it apart just like that

it is super super super easy you do the

same thing right here just squish it and

peel it apart just like that as you can

see I have not harmed this end of the

banana at all it is not squished it has

not been damaged I didn't have to

struggle with the peeling process it is

literally just a really really easy way

to peel a banana and that's basically it

the next time that you go to peel a

banana instead of peeling it from this

side right here just like the majority

of people normally do instead of doing

that peel it from the other side just

like I have shown you in this video and

that's all I have for you today

thanks for watching