Breaking into a Suitcase with a Ballpoint Pen and What You Can Do About It

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hey guys welcome 90s tactical we're here

with a little travel tip 40 today a

little security travel tip and that's

how easy it is to get into the lock

suitcase that has a zipper and you may

have seen this before it's been around

for a couple years now folding around

the internet but we've never really

drawn any attention to it ourselves on

IDs and I really want to present this

information because a lot of people

don't know about this and I think that

it's important to know how easy it is

even if you have a lock suitcase how

someone can get into it with nothing

more than a ballpoint pen so let's get

right into it okay so this is a TSA lock

and while these little locks are nothing

special in themselves it's very easy to

even get into one of these you don't

even have to do that you don't have to

mess with a lock at all so basically the

way the zipper is is when it comes

together it gives you a place to lock

this at so I'm going to go ahead and

lock this lock

so that's locked now so all you have to

do is grab a pen like so and you're just

going to jab it into the zipper just

like that and once you break the zipper

all you have to do is open the suitcase

up so now I'm into the suitcase and I've

got your gun and all your valuables that

you thought were secure and to make it

look like I've never been in there

before all I've got to do is grab this

lock and the zipper mechanism zip it all

the way to the other side and zip it

right back around and now it looks like

I've never been into the suitcase

zippers still perfect there's no

perforation in the zipper anymore and it

looks like no one's even tampered with

your suitcase so so some things you can

do about this obviously any time you

travel with the firearm tsa and the

airline's all specify that you need to

have a lock box and that's an article we

have coming up to actually travel with

some lockbox

I'm going to showcase on on IPS 2 and

kind of show you how those work but

essentially it's got a locking cable on

it it's got a cable it basically feeds

through the the case that you have your

firearm in well they could always cut

the cable and things like that

obviously you all you're doing with

security as a whole anyway is buying

time that's what you're doing with

anything whether it be an alarm system

on your home or an alarm system on your

car you're buying time you obviously or

you're trying to scare you know

intruders away and things like that so

that's what it's doing you know having a

lock boxes it's buying you time so I'd

highly recommend that you have some type

of lock box in any kind of travel

suitcase you have for your valuables

whether it be firearms or whether it be

jewelry or anything like that so and one

thing you can do too is you can most

suitcases have frames and so they have

like usually have a liner in them so

what you can do is actually feed that

cable around the metal stanchions that

typically run in the bottom of suitcases

so you can kind of loop that through and

use that as an anchor point so that

really someone would have to destroy the

suitcase or cut the cable so well

technically someone could do that it's

it's again just buying you some time so

you really want to watch it when you're

traveling with suitcases and I know

there's even some suitcases out there

that that don't have zippers so you

might want to look into something like

that too for more security but you know

essentially being able to just stab the

zipper with a with a ballpoint pen is a

is pretty scary stuff I mean it takes

nothing to get into that so again you

know the pen is mightier than the sword

in this case so there you have it let us

know if you have any questions or

comments and thanks for watching