How to Remove the bead from Captive Bead Ring - Body Piercing Jewelry

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okay for first off when changing jewelry

I find it easiest to do with gloves on

basically because you get a little bit

more texture and a little bit more grip

but you definitely want to clean your

hands well before you handle jewelry

even in a healed piercing it's just

gonna be easier especially if you're you

know you're getting all the oils and

everything off your hands if you're

using any type of lubricant insert the

jewelry I personally like surgilube it's

what we use is a water-based lubricant

but it's also stero sterile and

bacterias a bacterial static I'm

mispronouncing it basically what it

means is that it's going to repel

bacteria so it always uses using a

little bit of water-based lubricant

anything you can find you find stuff

that clench use KY as long as the

package is clean and you're not touching

the tip it should be safe anyway

catch me dreams being captive bead ring

so this is a smaller 16 gauge 3/8 you'll

notice that it looks like it's one solid

piece but the reality is the ball is

separate and to remove it you want to

grab one part with your index and thumb

and the other at the ball with the other

part and then pop it out of place I know

I make this look really easy you kind of

want to apply pressure this way away

from the side that you're holding and

then it should kind of rotate out to

replace it you want to line up I don't

know how well this is coming out on the

video there's a tiny little indentation

or hole you want to line up one side

with it and then kind of pull and push

it into place it's frustrating for

people I think clients call me and go

I've been trying for hours to get this

on and I'll simply off and go come in

let me do it now this one is a 12 gauge

5/8 slightly thicker jewelry a little

bit less a little bit more tension

holding the bead in place a little bit

more difficult to remove personally

unless you get up into the

10-gauge or above I generally don't use

pliers unless I absolutely have to

because there is always a risk of

scratching the inside of the ring or

causing some other problems but I'll

show you how the pliers work up here in

a little bit basically the same thing

grab it by index and thumb grab it by

the ball pull and twist once again same

set up these sometimes I'll take a

little bit from the side pop it in a

tool that you probably don't have around

the house but they're fairly inexpensive

if you're taking large they'll be out on

a regular basis this is a good thing to

have they come in very similar size that

really large ones for like your larger

gauge it's like two days and for any age

and above and the way these work is

unlike pliers they don't pinch they

expand so you line it up one of these

grooves so that it doesn't slip and

these I shouldn't probably be using on

the small of a are this large of a

diameter ring and then line up the ball

like you normally would which means

getting that indentation where it's

supposed to be and then slightly apply

pressure to expand the ring I get the

diem ball the line up and then just kind

of slightly expand it and then lock it

into place

you always hear a snap when it gets

there like I said this is not the pair

of pliers I would normally use for this

large of a diameter but basically line

up to remove it do it the same way just

slightly expand it

don't play allotted pressure on it

because you don't want to apply a lot of

pressure because there's point so

possibly you're going to expand this and

it's not going to lock back in a place

again so that's some of the basics on

changing jewelry um in opening and

closing those whatever in doubt it

doesn't hurt to go see your piercer and

have them do it myself

I do not charge this to you in jewelry

regardless of where the jewelry comes

from some shops they might charge you a

couple bucks especially if they're gonna

autoclave the jewelry for you and

sterilize it but otherwise it's not a

bad idea to just have your have you're

nervous about it

come in have your piercer change the

jewelry for you and have them walk you

through it I've had clients come in and

I'm like okay you want to try taking it

out I've watched them do it giving them

Henner's on how to properly do that

hints etc some guidance and guided them

through the process for some people that

works so talk to your piercer whenever

in doubt wasn't that I'm Dave oh thanks

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