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hey guys welcome back to my channel as

you guys probably know because I make it

so extremely obvious and it's an aside

of the video but I have my own this

video is basically the whole process of

me kind of just launching guys are able

to see how I design my locos how I

design my stickers how I ordered my

stickers how I found out packaging isn't

me testing certain recipes and me

sending samples to my friends all that

shenanigans will be in the [ __ ] video

and also you guys will see my reaction

on the day I do launch and like how I

kind of handled everything I found this

video about almost a month ago and I'm

only now filming the intro because I

realized I just picked up the camera I

started filming I'd not start new video

so I'm starting it right now like hey

before the video starts I just want to

clear up a few things up basically

number one I am really just doing this

all for fun like I got so bored I

literally got so bored of doing nothing

watching videos all that I got so bored

of it I started baking I just love the

whole process of baking but the only

thing is my whole family that we all

don't eat sweets you don't usually eat

desserts so I had all these things to

bake but there was nowhere for the food

to go you know I mean so that's probably

one reasons why I wanted to start doing

this business and second I'm which this

whole business thing like it was

honestly something to just fill up my

time I'm really honestly just doing this

for fun because I don't know it may seem

like I'm putting a lot of effort into it

but honestly like I am just a

perfectionist so I just put in a lot of

effort into things I am passionate about

like for instance making video it's like

I love making videos so much so it may

seem like I'm putting in so much work

but it doesn't feel like work because I

enjoy what I'm doing you know and I'm

also not really making that much profit

anyway so yeah that's basically it and

let's get on with the video

so I just got back from the baking store

I got these like little box containers

for my tiramisu and my piping bags came


okay we just need to wash these okay so

I basically made three tiramisu with one

batter I actually forgot to add sugar to

the coffee before so I added one without

sugar and then two with sugar so we

shall see how it tastes

tomorrow basically I'm just calculating

the cost for my chair means between one

packaging it's probably half the size to

your means that I made I feel like it's

always good to over estimate rather than

under estimate so that's what I'm kind

of doing so I know like what to price or

min-soo because I did a lot of research

and I'm just looking into like the

competitors I guess in the market like

roughly they price their stuff as well I

do not want to like overcharge I've been

looking at lotus biscuits basically

they're sold out everywhere you guys not

know what is this good are doing this

they're basically just two discs of

biscuits and every single grocery store

they're also our to import them and I

don't want to buy it from overseas also

if you're wondering why I'm using

sticker for it's basically I'm selling

like cheese tarts and I had to put them

in a cupcake box so we look something

like this so I'm probably gonna have

like obviously like GM more like Dan all

right here and it just like my logo

there I'm basically just contacting like

a bunch of different sticker like

manufacturers just to see like which can

do that design I want because I know a

lot of companies do not print white ink

so I'm like specifically just asking

like any of the I can find and obviously

just getting quotations and seeing

obviously roughly the prize and how long

I can take your ship and stuff like that


Oh some young [ __ ] like swag


every day spill in the ocean

so this is the sticker that I came up

with after two hours hello so I just

wanted to give an update on these

stickers but basically the whole last

night I had to basically change the

whole sticker format I just imagined the

packaging for my cheese starts to be a

little bit different so this is the

current design so basically I flipped it

90 degrees to make it vertical instead

and to place it vertically on my cupcake

box so for instance I can imagine the

stick you're just going vertically from

here onwards downwards just a seal it

but yeah this is the sticker so far I'm

really really happy you guys know I

designed everything myself

and I got some inspiration from

Pinterest but I think I'm finally ready

to send them to get supplier to order

them and yeah I'm really nervous I got

really carried away when it comes to

packaging and I'm really trying not to

spend so much but I just can't help it I

just love decorating and I just love

colors putting the most into things that

I want to do so that's going to be a

struggle okay so little update I have

ordered my stickers and he saw me

designed two of my stickers prior to

this but yeah I already ordered my

stickers and they are both shipped out

so those are probably gonna arrive by

the end of the week everything I've

ordered has arrived in the sense of like

my Lotus biscuits have arrived

everything I need to basically launch

this has a riot or it's going to arrive

in like two days the only thing I have a

problem with is the packaging for my

tiramisu it's like the original

containers I plan to sell my true

measles in basically it hasn't arrived

yet because they just shipped my parcel

to the shipping dock in China and I'm

just really concerned because what if it

takes too long ships not what I can

cancel it now because the shipping

process has already begun so I'm just

kind of a little bit stressed because I

definitely want to launch as soon as

possible because I already have

everything so I just I'm just a really

impatient person like I found one thing

Solange like I'll do everything I can to

make it fast but I don't know I just

don't like the idea of just waiting

around doing nothing you know so that's

the only thing I'm literally concerned

with because I literally have everything

already as you guys can see I already

created an account for my shop and wrote

in the just really basic bio I've just

been designing my Instagram layout

because I kind of just want everything

to be prepared just so when I do launch

it'll be a lot easier

for me to just focus on just making the

dessert rather than having to stress

about you know my Instagram layout so

I'm just doing everything in advance and

let's cut to me designing







go do money like face


these bad

my guys my stickers arrived oh my gosh

you guys my stickers arrived I'm so so

happy oh my gosh oh my goodness they

look amazing literally this is crazy

like I literally ordered this um two

days ago and I like they arrived so fast


hey guys so I just got back from the

baking store and cupcake boxes for my

part I just got 10 just in case so and I

basically got some I'm making like mini

cheese stars these aren't too big so I

got three sets of those and I finally

got my sea salt flakes this is going to

be for my salted caramel and I got some

paramos sighs I just realized I never

showed me tasting my baked goods and I

just realized that I should probably

start doing that but yes yeah I made

like a Lotus cheesecake is basically

half-finished my sis how it turned out

but basically half finished I am going

to be making my cheese tarts now and

then I'll show you guys the end result

of it I'm just gonna make it well for my

family first there's a sieve it's nice

or not and then when tweak the recipe a

bit and then send a few to my friends

but honestly with the rate how

everything is going I think I may be

able to launch at the end this week but

we shall see we shall see oh my gosh you

guys this is basically how it turned out

they're so slow so I did a mistake and

didn't add enough sugar to the crust and

the cream cheese so when I make my

second batch I'm gonna put a little bit

more sugar but so excited so basically

this is my Instagram story right I

posted the mini cheese charts and I did

this and I got my 5 replies like telling

me how I like it looks really good and

everything and I just thought like okay

maybe this is a good time I should

probably create a poll to see if people

will buy or if I should even like launch

my baking thingy but even though so yeah

I posted the poll and guys 94% said yes

67 people said yes I'm happy but now I'm

kind of like stressed

just to myself it was my idea besides

that though I got a few packages in the

mail so I think I got these cake

scrapers so I only ordered one but he

gave me two the more the merrier I guess

I don't [ __ ] know imma shine as well

oh this is um I know this is aha

this is needed for something else later

on I'm planning to do as well so I'm

gonna just leave this here but the only

thing I need to do now is wait or my

tiramisu packaging it arrived and that's

pro I hope it arrives by the end of the

week cuz I just really need to start I

don't know actually gonna launch like I

already created a poll today

good morning you guys so I woke up in

the wrong side of bed - I feel like [ __ ]

but package came for me today and I

think it's my other set of stickers

I just realized in all my videos I only

wear black tank tops like I don't have

anything else to wear except like oh my

god oh my god oh my god you guys so

basically I got transparent stickers for

my logo that I'm gonna be putting on my

cookies and stuff and holy [ __ ] they're

so nicely you literally can't even see

it but it's basically transparent

sticker of my logo and they arrived

today this is so [ __ ] exciting let's

go okay so the plaid later is I want to

go to the post office to just drop off a

package that I'm sending because I'm

selling my clothes so I'm doing that and

then after that probably gonna stop by

the baking store again do I literally

live in the [ __ ] mixer I'm going to

be remaking my cards because yesterday's

ones they weren't perfect today I'm

gonna make a new batch and I won these

ones I'm perfect and I already like dill

our research on the recipes and stuff

updates on the poll that I uploaded on

Instagram 109 people say yes but 209

people if you're using a 1% ratio that's

like two people man that's pretty good

right like at least two people will like

my mission sorry guys I just saw who

said no and I honestly you guys updated

once I made my tart forgetting to fill

my taste that's I think cuz it gets too

late so I just like I get to above it

but yeah so I'm gonna go to baking store

to get packaging cuz I'm gonna be

setting the extra cheese tarts to my

friends cuz there's no way in hell I'm

eating [ __ ] 24 cheese tarts to myself

you know I was gonna be really exciting

I'm really excited so let's go

a few moments later okay update they

messed up my order measuring them and I

realized that what our 100 pieces of 4cm

stickers and a hundred pieces of 5cm

stickers and this [ __ ] guy gave

me [ __ ] 200 pieces of five-centimeter

stickers you have one job I mean it's

all right like I don't want to sound

petty or whatever like it still can work

like it's not too big from our packaging

but obviously I guess they're like I'm a

big perfectionist like I want everything

to look a certain way it's okay like I

measured it it can still fit and I still

think it'll give the same look not gonna

lie but now I'm just thinking I don't

know what the [ __ ] I'm gonna do with 200

stickers cuz honestly I had no stickers

surgery a lot of stickers this

[ __ ] guy gave me 200 stickers

he literally had one job this guy had

one job but it's okay but this guy was

really nice though he was really

understanding and super easy to work

with and I would have been still

repurchase or him again because he was

the only guy that was able to print

white on transparent fur at least I can

use this in the long run but the only

thing I'm scared of is what if I don't

make it to the long run writing down a

list of people that live around my area

some of them live a little bit too far

away for me to drive all the weight like

give it to them which is actually really

sad because obviously deserts to all my

friends you know but can only really do

it to people who live close to me so I

got a list of names so I know how many

packages to buy I did not have a good

suit I feel like [ __ ] yeah oh my god

look so bad so guys I'm done and now I'm

currently packing all the little cheese

tarts I'm gonna give my friends so I set

up film my reaction eating them but yeah

these are just the ones I left for my

family I'm gonna go ahead and goodbye to

this bisque off one


good so come to the hunt

success so basically the crust I

perfected it and I sweetened the cream

cheese filling so that's great it's not

overly sweet as well by adding a good

amount of sugar so at least it doesn't

taste too bland but it's not too sweet

like Lotus bisque of one I would say is

the most sweet among the all and it's

really not that sweet so I love that and

then salt caramel one is readily sweep I

am really excited I want to see how my

friends react these and my stickers came

to me so I can use them I got the twelve

cavity cupcake boxes but thing is it

took me so long just to make 28 hearts I

have to make more it's gonna be a bit of

an issue


hello you guys so basically today is

going to be today and I also got a

package that's my gift cards is perfect

right my little notes on these oh my god

it's just so cute they gave a little

like nope guys this is where I got my

white cards from down shop e

go order them from this shop because

honestly they're so freaking cute tada

they're basically just literally white

cards working on a weekend like your


well for the deep end I use old [ __ ]

where they passed us they haven't



hello so I just got back literally the

whole day I was just out just delivering

and it was kind of exhausting but also

kind of fun actually I uploaded three

pictures to my Instagram basically so

uploaded the about us and then just like

a little cute picture of my logo and

stuff and then delivery details and

everything and I think it's super super

duper cute okay so my phone died I

created a highlight reel for people who

are told to tag my baking shop in part

of a good reviews or a lot of people

that were saying that they would love to

order and a lot of my friends said it

was really really good I don't know if

they're lying to me but I said they were

definitely by 9 when I do release it so

I'm still in need to go to the bakery

shop this site whether I want to sell

nine and one go or 601 go it really just

depends on the availability of the boxes

but honestly I think I start opening

orders on Saturday this Thursday so

tomorrow I'm gonna go bake and start to

get all the last-minute [ __ ] need to get

but yeah so far I am really freaking

excited we shall see how it goes and a

lot of people wanted me to sell Otis

cheesecakes but I don't think I will be

selling that maybe I'll do like a

surprise like oh I need 20 pieces of

Lewis cheesecakes if you guys want that

okay let's transition to next day I

don't know what the [ __ ] that was update

I just got back my baking star and I

changed my mind I got 9 cavity cupcake

boxes in of a 12 FD cupcake box because

there's no way in hell I'm making 12 I'm

Stan there's no way I make you 20

towards man or one sample and this is

how it's going to look like and it's

super SuperDuper hot soon

oh yeah basically everything is ready to

go so tomorrow I'm going to start taking

orders and hopefully a package came


don't come you love you guys I'm so

sorry if I look like [ __ ] again but I

did not sleep well again this is going

to be the last update because today I am

I'm it's likely good news my true means

of packaging has arrived in KL that

means I'm either gonna get it later on

today tomorrow or latest by Monday so

that's amazing like the menu is settled

everything is settled i pre-made sub

tart shells like just because i didn't

want to be overworked i just made half

the batch first to see if people would

even like irish it ok so right now i am

just creating some shortcut for my

Instagram account I like so this is

basically how it looks like there's just

info for people to like know how to

order and know how to K and like how I

gonna receive hopefully people click on

it quick replies so



okay holy [ __ ] you guys okay so I am

posting the menu right now and I am so

freaking nervous because I don't know it

just feels like my heart work here okay

so I am posting them in ah I'm nervous

okay I am posting the menu right now oh

my gosh those are posted on regards the

menus guys trying to go to my main

account and actually promote the [ __ ]

out of this because that's [ __ ] go

okay hold up so I'm just gonna be




three days


our limited so please come first oh my


this is so stressful mmm that's typical

trees at typical trees that's good

whoa okay I'm excited I'm scared I'm so

good okay that's [ __ ] go [ __ ] ah




okay so I also forgot in the video but

hi I'm back so yeah I really hope you

guys enjoy the video and really just

enjoyed the whole process of me

launching and everything you know

honestly the whole process was super

SuperDuper fun and I do have a question

though because let's just say the first

week of order is like the first batch I

ever made kind of exceeded my

expectations and how well I thought it

was gonna do because I made literally 13

boxes of tarts 13 times nine you can you

can do the math and say how many parts I

made that one day I made 10 tins of

cookies and like 10 boxes of tiramisu so

it was really like I was really like

just a little bit overworked and it was

a little bit hectic no actually no it

was chaotic it was crazy I did film the

process are me handling the first week

let me know if you guys want to see that

vlog or do you guys wanna see how I'm

doing right now because right now I'm a

little bit more chill and I'm still kind

of busy it wasn't as like chaotic and

like stressful as the first first day

and you could kind of like tell through

the vlog because the vlog was also

really best used and also if you know me

or if you know of me or before my

Instagram and you haven't ordered like

what what are you doing like you know

Sabina shamelessly plug in your baking

business for 20 minutes trade I'm

kidding by the way but if you are

interested in ordering and you don't

really know what to get I would really

suggest the Famous Amos cookies because

those are super easy to eat they're

crunchy cookies because I love crunchy

cookies like I don't like soft chewy

ones man I don't like the big soft chewy

ones cuz those make me feel a little bit

sick but I do like Famous Amos crunchy

chocolate chip cookies and they're super

addictive and I'm addicted to them like

oh my god like it's really bad and not

super sweet so you can honestly just

keep snacking on them it's also really

nice to order for friends I just give

someone something they look like this by

the way it's super cute

200 grams you know completely worth

their money just and I also would

suggest like the cheese tarts because

honestly if you want to

Prime's our friend with a gift I would

really suggest that but no worries I am

coming out with new exciting things very

soon so if you guys want to wait for

that to launch you can also wait so yeah

I hope you guys enjoyed this video give

it a thumbs up and I'll see you guys