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how much does it cost to start your

bakery now this can also pertain to

restaurants but this video is definitely

skewed to people who want to start a

bakery but either way it'll be very

informational for you to watch it

whether you want to start a restaurant

or a bakery


immediately that much is missing one of

my guys up here I had to bring him to

our bakery shop so if you guys are new

to the channel my name is Cassie and we

own a bakery that's cookie shop called

cookie bun shares your ones location in

New Jersey and our second location

opening up in Tampa Florida which is

where I am at right now this video is

going to be geared you're starting an

actual location not just one out of your

house but if you already came just start

out of your house there are some

expenses here that you can add up it'll

just be way less than the cost to

actually start a location okay so the

first one is the costume register your

business which can cost anywhere from

three hundred to seven hundred and fifty

dollars depending on if you're gonna be

doing an LLC or if you're going to make

it just under you I have now started two

locations of Cookie Monster so I have a

general idea of how much this all cost I

could tell you that this was more

expensive here in Florida than it was in

New Jersey for me it also cost a little

bit more because I have two owners me

and Brandon for our business which will

cost you a little bit more than if it

was just one person second cost I'd say

is your sign permit now if you're not

looking for a big fancy sign it's gonna

cost a little bit less we personally go

with channel letter signs ours isn't

huge those big bright up signs of

individual lit up letters I can say you

can estimate around a thousand dollars

for that but it might be less in Jersey

it was less than that totally depends on

where you're at but I would budget in at

least a thousand dollars well third cost

is marketing for your opening a lot of

people should make a mistake on this and

they end up cutting back their marketing

cost because it's the easiest thing to

come back but at the end of the day you

come back marketing then you will have

way less in sales and it will be a huge


you need that to drive your business

although it's the easiest one to cut

it's definitely not the best one to cut

so I would average in marketing for your

opening at least four thousand dollars

and I know that seems like a lot and you

could definitely spend a lot less if you

are on a budget who can utilize more of

social media and cheaper fires but at

the end of the day you definitely want

to budget in at least four grand and my

yes you could get less flyers but then

you're gonna pay way more per flyer and

you're gonna need that many fliers at

the end of the day anyway don't make

more sense just to buy the Flyers in

bulk you'll end up spending a lot less

in the long run the $4,000 will also

make it so that you have money to jump

into ad revenue online Facebook and

Instagram ads things like that I

definitely dumped in those ads here in

Tampa Florida in the first store I do

not actually pay for Facebook ads I grew

the phone thing organically so it

definitely is possible but that being

simply the way lower startup costs

you're getting at New Jersey so we had

more time to wait for customers to come

in and be slower in the beginning cuz we

didn't have as high of an overhead

because we started the business out of

the back of a local bagel shop when I

think onto the actual channel other side

talks about the permanent before and

that was just for the perma day this is

for the actual sign if you choose to not

have one light up and you just have a

banner because you're on the open during

the day then this will be way cheaper it

also depends on if you have a pile on

sign on the side of the road that have

your name on it so that people know to

pull into your a lot pile outside across

anywhere from around $300 if it's so far

tiny all the way up to a few thousands

of dollars if it's big the one here in

Tampa Florida it cost around a thousand

dollars and I know that seems like a lot

but it can be expensive for signage in

general and then the actual channel

letter sign the big sign on on your

building especially if it's lit up in

cost anywhere between a four thousand if

I want to get super tiny if you like

four or five feet wide but if you want

it to be ID six inches or 8 feet wide

and you can be paying $11,000 if you

just get one of those boxes that lights

up and your words are just in it those

are definitely cheaper so overall for a

channel on the side I would budget it

and you ever seen four thousand all the

way up to fifteen thousand if you want a

gigantic sign yes the cost for insurance

which a lot of people look over this

cost completely

make that mistake and make sure you

budget in for insurance the first one

you're gonna need is liability insurance

which basically means if something goes

wrong let's say a flood happens or

hurricane or someone steals from your

business you need insurance to cover it

and not only can you so you know I'm not

worried about it I don't think it's

gonna happen some hotshot gotta get it

you have to get it either way because

you are leasing the building which most

people do your landlord will require you

to send over your liability insurance to

prove you have it because he wants to

protect himself or their building you

can budget it anywhere between 3,000 and

like 6000 it also depend on the square

footage of the space that you were

renting a baker you could have usually

anywhere between 700 square feet if it's

super tiny all the way up to 4,000

square feet if it's a pretty large

bakery next for this workers comp

employee falls in your business or gets

partner but says or sizes their finger

on what happens and who pays for it well

your workers comp does the IVA is

required in every single state by the

state like by the federal government

requires you to have it it is anywhere

between 75 cents to two dollars and 74

cents per hundred dollars in wages to

your employees so it's actually pretty

expensive if you think of that a percent

that's almost one percent up to three

percent of what you're paying your

employees you're paying in addition to

insure the employee so I would estimate

for a bakery anywhere between two and

five thousand dollars for the year

depending on how many employees you with

next causes and cost to leave the

building if you're gonna buy the

building that you're gonna pay a lot

more the building cost upwards of a

million dollars I can tell you that this

one here in Tampa probably cost over a

million dollars to buy the building so I

am NOT the know the owner I am just

leasing the building so all the times

listed building can be anywhere between

$1,500 up to 10,000 or more depending on

the location and the side here closer to

the 700 square foot range and you're in

like a tower in the middle of nowhere

and then probably gonna pay $12 a square

foot if you're gonna be

an area like Manhattan New York and get

all the way up to $120 per square foot

there you're going to a place like LA

you could expect to pay anywhere between

45 and 60 dollars a square foot

come on play sake I am your tampa you

may pay anywhere between 20 and 40

dollars a square foot but I've heard a

small sound or you can get something as

low as $8 all the way up until 13 so it

totally depends on the location you are

in and how in demand it is what the

population is in that area it could be

anywhere between $1,500 and I know

that's a big range but you're gonna have

to determine for yourself based on what

it is you need with a small cupcake shop

you're gonna start you probably don't

need that much equipment you probably

need a small space it's gonna be way way

cheaper though the remodeling

construction plans for your location

this is one of the biggest ones and the

one that hurts the folks fur cause you

know sometimes a contractor who can help

you out then you're gonna be in way

better shape that if you have to go and

find someone who's a complete stranger

you get it to spend anywhere between 60

thousand all the way up to $200,000 for

remodeling your space if it's small and

it used to be a restaurant already then

it could spend a lot less our example

here is pretty much a stamp but it used

to be a furniture store doesn't have

anything that a restaurant needs so it

will cost way more to renovate it but it

was the perfect spot for us we were

willing to give the extra money toward

that around the higher end of like 2,000

3,000 square feet and you're probably

closer to the $200,000 mark including

clothing this includes electric cost

which are very expensive is including AC

unit this includes floors building your

counter fixing your ceiling putting in

lights all this stuff costs a lot of

money and adds up really really fast

next one is a felony Internet

electric all that stuff just budging it

in for your first like three months make

sure you have that just in case you need

it and your sales are a little bit

slower in the beginning I would budget

in at least $4,000 for this just to be

on the safe and all these places also

required deposits upfront and charge you

a little bit more in your first month's

oh it also budget in three months of

employee salaries before you start just

in case and really give you an exact

number for that because that can vary so

much to pay on what it is you're looking

for x1 is the other huge one which is

bakery equipment when I mean you cost

anywhere between $4,000 all the way up

to $20,000 if you need a more fancy one

our cable can cost anywhere between 100

bucks all the way up to 800 bucks if you

need a bigger stronger one that can hold

of your ingredients so I would punch it

in anywhere between 40,000 and 100,000

this cost can also be significantly

lower if you're going to used equipment

vs new equipment the next day our budget

in is for sexuality so this includes a

safe this includes cameras this includes

an alarm system I put it in anywhere

between four and six thousand dollars

for this you don't wanna make a mistake

of low-balling a camera and getting one

that's super cheap and won't really able

to zoom in on something wrong and then

find out later wow I've I spent that a

little bit of extra money this isn't the

same how but now we have TVs and sound

systems so if you're gonna baby really

like I don't need a TV

not on vibes then you can cut out the

stops all together and this could be on

the low end of just 300 bucks but if

you're looking for TVs if you're looking

to have maybe two or three TVs and

you're gonna need five thousand dollars

or a little bit more than that or the

software for those CDs supposin and if

you need cable all that stuff that would

go into having TVs in your establishment

what the next one is building and

hosting a website you need someone to do

this for you it's gonna be a little more

costly and also depends on how elaborate

of a website do you need

place orders on your website or is it

just used as a tool to find you and get

information about your business either

way I would budget around $1,000 for

this but if it's more elaborate it can

go up to too many businesses can build

their website on Wix which is actually

what I'm using to build not the cookie

munchies website because with that

website brand our new WordPress so we

ended up using that a little more

advanced in think you can handle it I

will link the WordPress stuff below but

if you're looking for something more

along the lines of easy to build and

cheaper then I recommend which which is

what I'm using to build the cast and

brand website the last thing about

budgeting is just a miscellaneous

category things will pop up you're gonna

be like Heidi a piece of wood I mean

wood glue I need some hey copy paper

printer maybe like random things that

you just did not budget in owed budget

in at least three grand for it that

because it will add up those give me

things that pop up now you're gonna

realize as you're building the place

what it needs that is something you

couldn't really anticipate it up front

right so with all of those things added

up obviously your bigger you can cost

easily over two hundred thousand dollars

to start but if you're learning on the

cheap and all the things that I have

listed above then it could be closer to

the hundred thousand if you're super


it can also go all the way up to four

hundred thousand dollars if you're super

complicating bigger and in a high

traffic area operation so if you want to

see more resources about starting a

business I actually decided to build a

website forecast M grand passion brand

calm I built it on Wix which I said I

would link below things that I decided

to be affiliate of as a non disclaimer I

was the one who reached out to them and

asked him if I could be an affiliate

because I loved their products and

services and want to keep recommending

them to you guys maybe check out the

website Casimir a bomb it's still

working for

it's not colorful in them yet but now

seeing this a little bit early but this

makes total sense for this video because

the resources on there will help you

guys start a bakery business or

restaurant business or whatever other

business you're looking to start Chuck

me hours of compiling everything that I

use to start our business on the

resources page on that website

everything from what host we use how we

built the website own system that way

you your design software helps to link

to all of my equipment on that website

that I use for marketing the business

that I use for this YouTube channel have

to have a shop page now where I

partnered with teespring to be able to

sell shirts that are the ones that we

sell in stores someone does place an

orangy drink let me know in the comments

below be one of the first customers to

order from that I am just announcing it

right now we're debating on if we keep

using teespring or if we start selling

them on our own website and she was

selling it on our own website then we'll

be the ones that have to ship it out

every time do all the customer service

where teespring does a lot of that for

us so I'm excited to check them out and

try it out before try to do it ourselves

information for you and help you hang on

stay with me remember this channel is

not all about business we talked about

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happening the place has not fully put

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fast as we have to back in Jersey at our

other location pretty soon so get

excited for that