Chicago's Best Mexican Bakery: Aracely's Bakery

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well I can clearly see here that I don't need to put any air in my tires but

judging by the grumbling noises and I do need to put some food in my stomach

which is why we're driving to LaGrange for traditional sweet Mexican breakfast

about a sillies

so this is our Mexican episode one of my favorite things personally baked goods

and you're clearly the man to talk to you know what my question has come in

you know I tell them don't buy baked goods from a skinny baker when I started

baking I think I weighed about a hundred and forty three pounds soaking wet I

think my left thigh weighs 140 pounds haha

tell us about our solely iris always was founded in 1984 our most traditional

pastry is our conscience it's a sweet bowl instead of have a nice scene it has

like a stripe up on top we were out without your knowing when you trace have

dinner thank you it's Larry it would be great with coffee in the morning when

you loop in the coffee too soon all I know this work I have to ask you why you

guys are Chicago's best we bake from of the heart there was Hispanic baked bean

back of the yards where I learned my trade the Baker is there racing you have

to bake from the heart I love baking I can bake all day long which is exactly what

we're gonna do starting with the dough four pounds a lot when you're working a

bakery your hands will always be soft soft as a conscious bum you have a baker

who has calluses I'm drawn there whoa six and a half pounds of sugar two

ounces the salt add too much salt and the crunch I want right around the edge

all right it's not rocket science okay it seems like it's more serious

than that now we gotta crack some eggs about six pounds - so far the same

amount of water twenty-two and a half pounds of flour this one and then one

more two of these yes I take the baby over come on honey we have the yeast put

it in gear that's the clutch the louder you scream the faster the ride we had

the second part of the power second part of the flower

yeah I asked you the way another eleven did you do it this one and then one more

two of these I did you had it twice not he had flour twice I don't have to take

that kind of level of attitude my good man will you got all day all

right done with a mixing on to the pressing hey you like that elbow grease

huh huh grease the pan a little bit

are you greased the balls a little bit sorry what grease the balls padam a

little harder don't be shy ah pulls the greased

toppings on and we finish them off with a signature shell design

just rip it right in half and then you just done so soft light fluffy for the

top end it gives a little sweetness it's not overpowering such a fan salut salut

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thank you sir