Open a bakery! | Maria Sirotkina | TEDxIEMadrid

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let me ask you guys for a favor

please open a bakery open a bakery in

your neighborhood or in your town and

make sure that you make the best crispy

morning bread or even aim for the best

muffins bagels or donnas before I go

ahead just here let me clarify that my

bakery I mean the one that I'm begging

you to open stands for all the companies

that were started with a small idea of

product or service in mind a brewery a

hairdressers a family-run construction

company a private consulting service in

the world of aspiring next googles and

new unicorns none of those sound any

sexy or trendy I'm very well aware and

on your side that sometimes can look

like this you want to start a business

you sit down for a moment and think gosh

I need an idea I need an idea I need an

idea and then click you send your seed

at this point you probably think that

all you need is stability a chance to

make an impact and money but in my

experience of running is small and then

a midsize company I figured that

bakeries have a lot of secret powers and

I wanted to share them with you in three

simple ideas and the first idea goes

about interpretation of stability all

the major Swiss watchmakers and really

all luxury brands that survived through

generations were initially family-owned

do you know why well basically only

because in family environment where the

owner really cares about the product and

doesn't discard some cost straight away

no matter words fluctuations recessions

political changes the business survives

in the long run the bread doesn't bake

itself before feet in the world you

actually have to know how to fill

yourself and make

you know how to do it in a long-term

perspective and even the big brand had

to start somewhere somewhere very small

the second idea goes about the niche

impact in 90s in Russia when thousands

of teachers doctors and engineers had to

look for an alternative source of income

to fit their children

my parents were one of those and it was

not a glorious fight Reid was trying to

make a living so what they did they

didn't open the bakery

they opened the Ling jury store and then

a toy store and then something else

store and it was nothing like Victoria's

Secret okay and nothing like Toys R Us

but little by little people like my mom

and dad rebuilt the whole country and

the whole economy breeding goods and

services to remote locations their

impact idea was feeding the children and

simply letting people buy things so

thanks for the toy store in the wintry

store I went to a good school and even

learned some English always aim high is

just a third different definitions of

high baking the best bread in town or

reaching the highest position of

whatever department of your company or

building the most prominent yet again

online platform for connecting the two

sided market of dogs and cats and

success is not always measured in

billions on the balance sheets sometimes

its measured in do I live a good life on

your personal balance sheet and if

everyone works towards the same

direction aren't we all much better off

and it's the way my father put it when

the small business owner invoices us--

not that he's thinking of buying in new

york he's more likely to be thinking of

paying for dance classes of his daughter

and here comes the third idea which is

about money where small doesn't mean

barely surviving

so yes bakeries are tiny comparing to

the mall next street but there is stable

source of income in fact in the u.s. 90

percent of the companies have less than

20 employees and 99.7 have less than 500

she's still kind of medium it will be

pretty difficult managing the country if

this proportion of businesses were on

the edge of extinction wouldn't so

bakeries and other small businesses

equally contribute to tax and feed

enormous amounts of global population

and here's the thing they have something

that we are ready to pay for the unique

atmospheres divide if you want to and

just here I wanted to leave you with a

final thought don't sit down looking for

an idea I already gave you one just open

a bakery thank you