How To Open a Sewn Bag

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in this video we are going to show you

how to open a sewn bag by hand this is

an example of how we use one of the

various sewing machines in our

manufacturing facility this is the front

of the bag

notice how the stitching is one smooth

line on the back of the bag notice the

loop of stitching begin by clearing away

any string debris on the front single

line stitching pull the end of the

string out of the last loop on the right

hand side if the string on your bag

appears as it does here go ahead

gently continue to pull and the string

will unravel if you pull the string when

the end is still in the loop it will

become knotted as shown here if you

prefer to use another method to open the

bag find the date code on your bag if

you can't avoid cutting off the code

then write the best by date on another

part of the bag thank you for watching

we hope you found this video to be