How To Open a Coffee Bag

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well it's another early morning for me

and of course that means I'll be

grabbing a cup of coffee I'm pretty

excited because I just picked up a new

bag of coffee now this is the Boyer's

coffee rocky mountain thunder it's a

dark roast and as it says intense and

smoky Wow let's hope the poop I have in

an hour won't feel that way but what's

interesting about getting a new bag of

coffee is obviously it comes in a unique

packaging that we should care about and

coffee comes in a wide variety of

packaging there's bags cans up someone's

butthole if it's prison contraband so we

should as coffee drinkers actually care

about how our coffee gets packaged and

that's why today I'll be talking about

that a little bit and showing you by

very easy approach to how to open a

coffee bag you'll notice a hole on the

front of any coffee peg this allows

carbon dioxide to escape from inside the

bag without allowing oxygen to enter the

valve allows for immediate packaging

otherwise the bag could burst on the

shelves which while a hilarious visual

image not helpful for our coffee

enjoyment you can pull back the tape on

the bag and then unclasp the bag

revealing its opening as you can see you

could attempt to tear open the bag from

the top but because of the sealing this

is pretty difficult and can just lead

you to making a large hole at the top of

the bag so the easy approach is to take

a pair of scissors and cut it just under

the line at the top of the bag like so

now as you look in you can see the valve

I was mentioning and can have access to

whatever coffee you need and can easily

close up and clasp the bag now after

opening the coffee bag some people take

the coffee and pour it into their own

container for storage

personally I don't do this I kind of

like keeping it in this original bag and

looking at the coffee company's logo and

the artwork and I don't know it's fun to

me but of course it does reduce the

flavor comparatively to putting it into

your own container but personally I

don't really mind you know my

interaction with drinking coffee is to

just wake up in the morning

half a cup and make sure it's just

keeping my eyes open as I progress on

the slow walk to inevitable death