We Try Eating Crisps Without Making Any Noise

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a long way to go all right

today we're going to try and eat crisps

throughout making a noise kettle chips I

think would be impossible to eat

silently Quebec extra crispy but like

quavers I think I could eat them

silently Oh skips they're great these

I've actually never seen before this

looks like a bag from the past the

packaging looks really retro did you buy

these in the 19th


that's really loud done okay I mean I

had quite a lot of uncomfortable nor is

it as you choose your weapon maybe

there's some relation between the shape

as it go silently you can eat it

I see it's got quite a lot of bubbles in

which I think will help with the overall

Melton yeah mm-hmm there was there was

yep yep she did make noise but I feel

like you can't not make noise walkers in

an incredibly disappointing flavor these

are that's so thin and so crispy like

how on earth need is quietly power

I couldn't do it oh boy okay

that's a call that one's tough that one

is tough cat salt chips and they show

off all the more interesting flavors

than we have mm-hmm

these are they like the crunchy as crisp

ever there's I just don't know how you

could break these down without making a


oh they smell good use mama even

laughing you did okay we go


Oh sounds very liquidy there's a lot but

think about blind I think you a drink

I've done it it was not fun in some ways

it's not a competition in some ways we

all lose because it's not fun to eat

chips like this I feel like the hardest

thing was the fact that that's quite big

and then you have to put the whole thing

in your mouth

because don't apply on it sorry when you

eat your Kris you fight yeah wait oh I

didn't do that I'm nice