How to extract data from .backup files created by android system backup on pc Ubuntu

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I have built my own white smartphone but

luckily I was able to enter the boot you

know from the bottom you know I back up

my my user data in the form of these

three files into an SD card

oh so today I'm going to show you how to

extract your data for these three backup

files these three files are actually it

is a single Linux extended divided into

several 2 GB blocks each block your 512

bits heater which is unnecessary for us

or we will use the UNIX DD utility our

GD come on to combine these files into a

single ext4 image file or so today I'm

going to show you how to extract your

data from these files first we will

merge these files into one ok first open

this in terminal and here we will use

these commands to extract the data from

these files D D F user data now do the

back of one first the back of first then

we will do the back of one and then

we'll do the back ok using these

commands you will extract our data from

these files copy

have and use the data backup skills 512

BS 128k hi


now work for some time you will use this

command for each of the paper files okay

now when the come on the same command

for the second back of file now you see

this image file is or 2 point 1 GB after

running the second come on now this time

we will run the backup 1 and enter wait


okay now check the size of this file

you see chips now it's four point three

G okay run for the third bit of file it

is - that's it now we will mount this

image that extended full file into this

computer the simplest way to read the

files inside this file is to use the

7-zip on Windows and you want to you can

mount this by using the mount command

use this command or solo mount -


text4baby username or this is the

directory where you want to mount the

partition and hit enter the password

unknown file type okay i misspelled this

when I came

Center and now here you will found all

your data is here in these file that's

it from here you can all extract all of

your files well here you see this these

folders are locked and you will not be

able to access this folder so to provide

this we will export these files to this

extended file to the or Windows

operating system okay let's do it now we

are in Windows and windows we will open

the file which we have created in the

ubuntu the image extended file here is

that image dot a standard for file and

we will open this with 7-zip install the

7-zip file manager open this and just

execute it okay now we will extract this

file here in this directory using the

7-zip file manager extract to Oryx get


older bee

now this file is extracting here in this

d directory where for some time and here

you will find all of your data including

the media file and your contact numbers

next video I will show you how to find

your contact numbers in this file wait

for some time this is a very large file

in all of the data is extracting here in

this folder here in media you will find

your camera and images and these are the

system files ok that's it thank you for

watching and don't forget to subscribe

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