The Baby Spa

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what do you do for a living look and

then I record it do you know what your

job is today hmm your job today is going

to the spa

the baby's excited to go to the spa and

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y'all to the sponsor baby Zee

yeah maybe they're on the water but

Danny I don't think the baby spot is

going to help her is there some kind of

military boot camp that we can sign her

up for me would you like to go to

military for candy yeah


comfortable and relaxing on quality we

get massage playtime and

okay we just try yeah okay this is the

spa settle down one we do not someone

like you

what do you wanna do what are you doing

do you wanna do wanna swim

yeah up it's either spot or military

boot camp which one man it's a massage

it's a baby massage it's not even a

Balinese massage my mom this is sad

Kyle almost beat me she just said this

age is difficult

number one yeah like Berglas yeah yeah

no it's whoo that's really nice

yeah size

yeah what is it oh it's too long she's

mad cuz it's not too lightly me like Oh

daddy uses this one



we need to Jim baby gym

yeah yeah we got a couple comments on

the pop-up yeah butter sighs yeah you're

doing doing

yeah that's the name



okay whatever just by day now we're

gonna go get a burrito and a burrito

yeah you deserve a burrito yeah he's



eat real nice