How To Jump Start A Car Tutorial by AutoTek Auto Repair Shops Raleigh NC

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okay good afternoon my name is Brian

Freud I own an auto tech we're a

full-service automotive repair shop in

Raleigh North Carolina today we're going

to talk about the proper way to

jumpstart a vehicle with a dead battery

a couple things that you need to be

aware of this is has a possibility of

being dangerous batteries can't explodes

we're gonna show you the proper way to

hook up the jumper cables to you know

hopefully avoid that you're gonna want

to put together some safety equipment to

put in your trunk car manufactures not

going to supply this for you a couple

things you might want to have you put

these in a ziploc bag or something put

them in with your spare tire good pair

of safety glasses you maybe some hand

protection I've got a pair of rubber

gloves that we use here in the shop you

can just get a pair of light work gloves

something to protect your hands while

you're working you know maybe a shop rag

for cleaning up after yourself and to

avoid some of the the chemicals that are

associated with batteries and of course

you're gonna need a good set of jumper

cables jumper cables come in a variety

of gauge sizes the lower the gauge size

the better the cables so you're gonna

want something in like a zero to two

gauge if you start getting you know four

six eight gauge they're gonna be thin

they're not gonna carry as much much

current so we've got today is we've got

a car right here with a dead battery

we've got our donor car right here that

we're going to hook up to first and

foremost you want to make sure mister

cables don't touch you're going to start

with your good vehicle with the back of

the beat vehicle with a good battery

we're gonna hook up our positive cable

we're going to use the red color coats

positive and a good

good clamp on our positive cable here

and then on our negative cable here now

at this point our cables are live so we

want to make sure that we don't touch

them and when you come to the vehicle

with a dead battery what's going to

happen is when you make this connection

it'll generate a spark that's why we

want to keep the spark away from the

battery so we're going to start here

with the positive side hook up here and

then we want to find a good point

somewhere away from the battery it's

metal that will give us a good ground

the other thing you need to be aware of

is where the belt is and where the

police are going to be turning you don't

want to create an interference with your

cables and the running vehicle so at

this point our cables are hooked up

we've got the battery hooked up on the

on the good vehicle we've got positive

cable on the dead battery and a good

ground point away from the battery so

now we're going to start our donor car

good car

make sure that

I learned also that the battery

nominator could be dedicated to charging

up the new car it's really dead you can

let the vehicles run for a minute that

will help charge the vehicle battery

from the allmate

there you have it that we disconnect

want to kind of do it in the exact same

personal order when we get our ground

cable off disconnect our back or policy

from the dead battery make sure we keep

those separated and then disconnect our

good vehicle at this point you're good

to go