We Broke Into An Old ATM Machine & Found Money...

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all right we've got it like I saw for

fun you know I've been looking through

ATM machines vending machines stuff like

that so I've seen this vending machine

that's been posted over two years ago so

I messaged her and I asked her you know

how long was it not used for what years

and stuff like that so it's from 2003

it's been for sale for a thousand

dollars and I talked her down all the

way to 80 dollars so we're gonna go pick

this thing up for $80 so no matter what

we're gonna be making profit off of this

because I can resell this easily on eBay

or somewhere for like at least 300 bucks

or something like that maybe 250 on the

low side so she said it's been abandoned

for a really long time like I mean it's

been for sale for two years and it has

been used at all I don't even know if

they have the keys or anything for it so

we're gonna check it out fit doesn't

look damaged from the pictures like

they've tried to open it before maybe

they haven't opened yet and there's

still money in there so let's go ahead

and go check it out I hope you guys

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see how much money we're gonna make off

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let's see what's in here oh did we get

the key did you get it

yes oh my gosh okay so we got the key

this thing has been abandoned for

literally years and years like this

thing is so old and I'm filming from my

phone because I can't afford a camera

you tube guys this is my first video


literally hang this wide angle cig look

at that anyways well back back to a

regular David please alright guys so we

got this unit probably gonna take it out

no so it's really late night so this is

a lot more creepy now if we got two

lights set up two beams how do we direct

this thing out wait there's something

sticking out of it it's so dirty so

before we continue this vending machine

has been abandoned for more than five

years or something like that it's been

on offer up for over two years almost

three and he said it's just been sitting

there for a really long time until he

finally decided to put on offer up so

who knows how long it's been for sale

for but we're just gonna see if there's

anything in it so stay tuned guys mine

already did an intro and I was talking

about all that but he has an idea

apparently so I see what you got yeah go


what game you spin though a watermelon

fell on that one I'll go from old old

video okay I'm gonna film and you just

do it okay sounds good no how about you

yeah well done I'll put it here what's

the point of this you're gonna like

oh it's so disgusting on a puker you

have to push it out of there this is

gonna take forever

I'm so pissed right now hold on in this

stress relief oh yeah stress relief

perfect move this pink pink all right

here's the unit it should be balanced

just drag it in drag the resting oh my

gosh my ears erect stop stop don't move

it stop moving it closer garage please

it's my ears we need an extension cord

we need to find out we got one perfect

by the way these are pure self anyone

wants them come buy them please purchase

our outfits all right

got an extension clothes I want to close

the garage I can't let the FBI see what

I'm doing currently all right so now

that I have be ice-locked away they

can't see what we're doing as you can

see this ATM machine is very old what

does that say you know ATM language and

we'll be we'll be back in a jiffy lube

let's open it what does it say pressing

52 million is that well paper

there's how much money there is in there

or press any key to continue go we need

to plug in this this Ethernet or

whatever this thing is we're waiting all

right let's see how much money is in

here come on

please wait we're so waiting how long do

we wait this thing is let me see what

what year this is isn't safe apparently

out of service air cord 183 years so

let's try to open it much why'd he give

me four keys those are spare no all

right so opening

oh so bad you smell better one who smell

it oh you just help all the dust just

like text them for the code you didn't

get the code no okay one second guys I'm

gonna call a nice one for the code if he

knows it all right so there's spider

webs on this oh my god it's literally

been sitting here for four decades okay

so I wrote down the corner on a piece of

pie can't trigger don't look the

batteries Oh

the bad place into the wall because a

code give me the wrong code what check

home again

well yeah you need to code this guys

scare me no we should

hello hello this is me with the ATM I

tried the code and it doesn't work yes

after the beef I first pound yes is

there money in here okay all right thank

you all right so you said there's no

money I don't believe so but I don't

believe that five years abandon

apparently it's like an iPhone you get a

password incorrect multiple times and it

just walks I guess the only way to do

this vowel is that hammering it in there

so I just want to see how much money's

in here we'll be back in ten minutes I'm

pissed right now all right guys so we've

tried we've tried I was about to go

upstairs I think I'm still gonna go if

this doesn't work we're gonna wait those

10 minutes but uh we're just gonna try

to do it the old-fashioned way with a

hammer I don't think that's a good idea

no shotgun and garage

no how do you know point well you are

trying to break into ATM no big thing up

look how thick the doors are well yeah

but I mean it's worth a shot somewhere

near the water these things are how how

do you get this away in the corner

looking I literally got skim drag him in

turn now pretty hard top squeeze out do

you have any tools upstairs there's no

I'm done you can try yourself

I'm gonna wait those times I don't feel

like a normal person actually putting

the code correctly so David went

upstairs and I actually got this ATM to

open I don't know what I did but it's

open now and so what I did was I put it

up - David gets back we're gonna give

him a little prank I guess I don't know

cuz I think look get this I think I

almost got it

this is so beeper was like beeping I

like abnormally I've got it what no stop


who are these my dollar bills please

tell me they're not out I want new money

right now are you more tell me this

isn't mine I what's in here what is this

this is my first time opening this what

are you doing are you lying

no are you being serious so how do you

locate what stop what stop stop please a

be serious no no I knew it it's

obviously dollar bills with just

in there they're like Chris what is this

mask why is there a towel here oh look

how disgusting this is like inside oh my

god don't touch the napkin okay

why do boy Manya here you do you

resently heart dropped when I saw this

was a plan I can't even touch my hair

right now because my hands are black

they're literally destroyed these are

just instruction manual what year is

this from check what you should see the

p3 2003 this ATM machine is almost as

old as us it is 17 years old this thing

is so old but we got it to open I have

huge plans with this venomous or this

atm that's so anyways if he made it to

the end thank you guys so much but I

have huge plans with this I'm basically

going to be opening up a free ATM

machine for people to come and grab as

much money as they want so that's gonna

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goes to this guy so shout-out to you man

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with notifications on I need to go wash

my hands where's the box from this

alright we need to clean this up and

there was no money in there he took it

all out why you keeping them info oh

yeah it's a vending machine or a vending

machine you need to put 22 they're not

dollar bills true

how does this work though you know no

and then we have no idea

tested 331 times you see what I bought

they et I'm I saw that you see on my

store you just know what my just saw

just now

yeah too late now because it's already

filmed you useless for no guess how much

money was in there

10k no to 2k only this thing was a

banner for three or her soul was for

sale for two over two years and it's

been abandoned over five just been

sitting there

how old are you yeah I'm not trying to

catch a case