How to put batteries in a magic mouse

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hey guys welcome back to another video

I'm gonna be showing you how to change

batteries from the Magic Mouse so the

magic Magic Mouse one needs batteries to

connect to your computer and work and

the Magic Mouse to just uses a lightning

port there that can you just charge it

up overnight or whenever you like and

you just bring it around with you and

you can see the bottom difference here

not no difference at all and the design

style or anything is just that one does

have a black Apple logo and this one has

a silver so that's the only differences

pretty much with the Magic Mouse one and

two so let's show you how to open the

Magic Mouse one and how to replace the

batteries let's get into it so to change

the batteries and the Magic Mouse with

one what you need to do is this little

black thing here you see the silver bit

there you push it away from the silver

you hold it down and it should start to

lift and then you just lift that up like

that so then this little piece of steel

comes off and then you have access to

your two AAA batteries now you just need

to flick these out like any other

batteries and then you put some new ones

if I definitely recommend some

long-lasting AAA batteries for that a

little bit extra but it's a mouse if you

accidentally but on you own it to change

the batteries buy new ones and stuff so

spending a little bit extra for the

quality AAA batteries is definitely

worth that worthless mess now to get

this back on

the little circle here goes there must a

little thing goes back up there

so you just put the circle thing and the

rear end and then click it in like that

so then this is that plugs we're there

for logos and then it should just click

back into a spot that comes from and the

and the Apple Mouse - you just have the

charging port there and you'll actually

connect that charger into there just

like that plug them just like that and

then it charges that's pretty much how

that mass - works and just leave

overnight charging and they both have

the oil on switch which is this little

lever that goes green there we go ring

see ya so that is the Magic Mouse 1 and

2 how you charge it and yeah thanks for

watching and I'll see you guys in the

next one bye