How To Sell On Amazon | Seller Registration Complete Tutorial & Amazon Account Set Up The Right Way!

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what's up guys Dan here and in today's

video I'm gonna be showing you

everything you need to know to set up an

Amazon seller account successfully and

that is whether you are in the United

States Canada Europe or anywhere in the

world we're allowed to sell on Amazon so

I'm super excited for this video and I'm

gonna be revealing a lot of the mistakes

that a lot of people make when setting

up their Amazon seller central account

that really prevent them from being able

to sell on Amazon and also that can bite

them back later in their Amazon journeys

so that's why I'm super happy the guys

are here with me today let's go ahead

and get started so if you're brand new

to something on Amazon and with online

business then I want to share with you a

little bit of my story so I started

selling on Amazon about two years ago

now I started in March dozen at 17 and

ever since then it's been the greatest

decision I've ever made in my entire

life and it has allowed me to reach six

figures online with my Amazon business

and then has allowed me to reach

multiple seven figures online with

amazon with other online businesses as

well in the e-commerce space and it has

also allowed me to grow this amazing

YouTube channel where I help fellow

entrepreneurs like you get started with

making money online living their dream

life through passive income through

passive income businesses and through

e-commerce so super excited for you

today and I just wanna let you know that

it can seem very complicated and it can

seem daunting at first but let me tell

you you know I had fear when I was first

starting out I was like you know is this

gonna work for me but in today's day and

age ecommerce and Amazon they're like

it's the greatest force in the 21st

century and the best way to ensure

success is to ride a rising tide and

that's exactly what Amazon FBA is

through Amazon FBA you are able to go

and pretty much you know sell products

and you don't have to go and package

them in your garage you don't have to go

and ship them out to your customers

Amazon does everything for you and

they'll take care of the customer

service the returns

pretty much everything so it's passive

income and that's what actually got me

interested into it at the very beginning

so let's talk about some first things to

remember here so number one this video

specifically about setting up your

Amazon seller central account is for

people from the United States from

Canada and from Europe or for people

around the world who are looking to

start selling in Amazon USA amazon

Canada Amazon Europe and this video will

also apply to Amazon in

Amazon Japan and the other Amazon

marketplaces at Asia as well however

there might be a few differences a few

local differences but by following this

video hopefully you'll be able to go and

you'll have like 99% of the things you

need to know in order to set up your

account now the second thing I want to

remind you is that you don't need to be

from the United States in order to sell

in the US and same thing for Canada and

same thing for Europe you don't have to

be from a specific country you don't

have to be from you know Amazon Germany

if you want to sell in Germany you can

actually be from the United States

selling in Germany and vice-versa and so

that's the the beauty of Amazon really

like you're allowed to sell from

anywhere in the world on any marketplace

and I have a video covering the

differences between the marketplaces

that you know which marketplaces are the

best to start selling in the pros and

cons and the best strategies in order to

reach ten thousand dollars a month as

quickly as possible in passive income

with your Amazon business and so you can

watch that after make sure that you

watch this video because then you know

you'll have your Amazon seller central

account ready the right way and not the

wrong way that many on YouTube are

showing and now reminder number three

very important reminder before we start

selling is that you don't need to have

an Amazon seller central account until

you actually until you you found your

product already and so through product

research through the product research

techniques that I show my channel as

well here through all my other videos

there you'll be able to go and find

amazing products to sell at Amazon and

you know you know what I what I say is

that you don't need to worry about

setting up your central account and so

you actually have a product right focus

on what's important and I was finding a

product however what I also recommend

right now is that you watch this video

you start the process of creating your

seller central account because there is

a few things there are a few things that

you need to submit like documents you

need to submit and that might take a

while to get approved so while you're

getting them while you're waiting on

getting them approved then you can go

and find an amazing product to start

selling on Amazon with and reminder

number four is you will need an ID so a

driver's license and then you'll also

need a bank statement so there's two

things you need the ID which can be a

driver's license or a passport and then

you'll also need a bank statement so now

I'm going to get right into Amazon

seller central and I'm going to show you

exactly how to start selling on Amazon

how to set up your Sava central account

the right way in order to make sure that

you're set in reaching six figures a

year on Amazon FBA seven figures of yarn


yeah and you're able to go and live the

passive income lifestyle and are able to

start your successful Amazon FBA online

business let's go ahead and get started

alright guys so now I'm on the page

right here at the set up your saw a

sexual account and it looks like this it

looks like like this I start selling

online so as you can see if we go here

before you register it's saying decide

what you want to sell as I've said

already it's best I mean you can either

create this before you find your product

or you can do it after you find your

product you're really only gonna need it

after you find your product but in

reality I recommend getting started now

that getting the process going now

because it might take some time for you

to get your documents uploaded and

approved and everything like that so

right here it says choose a selling

plant there's two selling plants so

there's actually the professional plant

and then there's also the individual

plan and so you can either start with

just the individual plan however I made

the mistake with starting with the

individual plan which has no monthly fee

and pretty much you don't pay a monthly

fee but then you pay 99 cents for every

sale and obviously we can't sell like

that professionally because that adds up

like crazy so I've made the mistake of

starting with the individual plan and

then moving to the professional plan and

I forgot to move to the professional

plan when I had already actually started

selling so I was selling so much I was

making like thirty thousand a month with

my product and then I realized one I'm

like wait I forgot to switch and so you

know I was getting charged all these

fees so that's why I recommend you're

starting with the professional plan and

if you do get charged before you start

selling before you actually your product

in there you can always email Amazon

seller support and or you can call them

at their social support number and you

can always just ask them for a refund

and just explain to them hey I haven't

been selling yet and they're gonna be

more than happy to give you a refund so

let's go ahead we're gonna click on

start selling and it's gonna ask you to

create an account so create your Amazon

account alright so I'm gonna go and

create an account here so we're gonna

put Dan vas alright

we're gonna put an email here and now

they might send you your code to verify

your email so just go ahead and verify

it so now we got the code we're just

going to put it in here click verify all

right guys so now we get to this part so

it says setup your amazon selling

account and so what you have to do is

you have to have the following available

so business name and address telephone


a card that you that Amazon can charge

and a valid bank account as well as well

as your tax information so for your

legal name that's you know your name so

for myself I'm just gonna put in my name

here dad vas I've read and accepted the

terms and conditions of the Amazon

services agreement click Next and now we

get to this part right here so for your

business address you want to put in and

the address that you registered your LLC

or business with now if you haven't

registered for an LLC yet just put your

home address because then you will use

that when you register for your LLC so

I'm gonna put that in here so for your

unique business display name that is

your storefront name now for this I

don't recommend calling it something

brand specific I recommend calling it

something broad that way you can go and

have multiple brands under it so we're

just gonna go and call this cool


alright cool essentials and then if you

sell your products online it says ok so

store name unavailable we're gonna put

cool central 75 sometimes they might say

unavailable and then you know if it says

that then just put in another name if

you sell your products online enter your

website URL but that's optional we're

not gonna put that in and then you're

gonna want to put in your phone number

in here and so now after we put in the

code that we got as a text message from

Amazon let's verify our account we're

gonna go and put in our credit card that

we're gonna use for our account and so a

lot like it says right here you'll be

able to list product after we perform

payment validation which typically takes

an hour but could take up to 24 hours so

I'm gonna put in my credit card number

in here and then if we scroll down here

you want to put in your bank account

number and you want to make sure that

this bank account is not a random bank

account so make sure that this bank

account is actually a bank account that

you will be using to receive your money

that you're making from your Amazon to

receive your deposits from Amazon don't

put in a random bank account number

because that's gonna come back and

really it's gonna be hard to switch that

trust me from years of experience of

selling on Amazon it's really really

hard to switch bank accounts it can be

done but why you know why do that for

yourself when you can just go and set

this up right from the very beginning

alright guys so now I've got my bank

count in here as well as my credit card

I put it in a buck so make sure that you

check mark I accept the terms of

conditions set forth for all payments by

the flowing agreement and then click


and so now we get to the tax interview

so this is what the tax interview is

provide your tax information and so this

will depend on if you are from the

United States or from Canada

me I am from Canada Bank my bank outs

aren't cam

so right here for me it's a little bit

different however for you it shouldn't

be too hard just answer the questions

and you want to make sure that you

answer them truthfully and you know

obviously don't hide anything from

Amazon or else that will destroy the

chances of you getting approved for an

amazon selling account so can it start

so right here it says who will receive

income from Amazon or its subsidiary so

individual or business so choose

individual if you are a sole proprietor

or if you already have an LLC then

choose business and then for us tax

purposes are you a US person and in my

case no so and then right here I'm going

to put business no to have a beneficial

owner you want to put corporation and

then here you want to fill out the name

of your corporation in the country and

then if there's a disregard than me just

fill that out or if you don't have one

don't fluid out and then for your

permanent address make sure that it's

your business address at the bottom

right here it's gonna say sign and

submit so just sign and submit and then

press Continue and that's all you have

to do now if you are from the United

States you're gonna need an EIN number

and I'm gonna show you how to get that

right now

iin IRS that's all I have to do type in

ein IRS and right here you're gonna be

able to apply for an employer

identification number and you don't need

this if you're not from the US if you

are from outside the US and you are

setting up an LLC in the US for some

reason you are doing that I recommend

setting up a corporation in your home

country the taxes will probably be lower

unless you live in a country with very

high corporate taxes and there's not a

lot of those in the world but you're

gonna need an EIN if you decide to go

the american LLC route because anybody

can set up an LLC doesn't matter you

don't have to be American so if you're

gonna use an American LLC then you're

gonna need an EIN right here apply

online now and then you're gonna be able

to get your EIN pretty quickly and then

after that you're just going to be able

to put it in here it's gonna ask you and

then click Submit alright guys so I just

created the new account and this is what

it looks like when you just created it

so right here gonna be able to see all

of your orders your performance your bio

messages as well as your charges so

right here it says there was a charge to

your credit card or 49:59 so it seems

like we've already been charged the

professional selling fee because I

already chose the professional plan so

of course either I have to go and hurry

up in finding a product or I can just go

and give Amazon a call if I don't think

I'm gonna find

product for a month or two months right

so it really depends on you if you chose

individual then you weren't charged at

the very beginning you're gonna have to

upgrade to professional anyway so you

know I recommend just either getting it

over with now and or choosing individual

at the beginning and then upgrading

later and so if I give you guys a quick

little walkthrough right here it says

manage inventory so right here is where

you're going to be able to see your

inventory as well as all of your pricing

your orders right here is PPC which is

advertising which is actually amazing an

amazing way to advertise your products

on Amazon and so stores reports

performance so everything you need is

here and it's pretty easy to go through

and also I've got a lot of other amazing

videos on my youtube channel that talk

about the Amazon seller central account

specifically all right guys now before

we end off this video I want to get into

the top reasons why ninety percent of

people do not get approved with Amazon

FBA now a lot of you won't have that

problem but a lot of you will also have

that problem especially if you are

trying to sign up for an Amazon seller

central account and your documents that

you're trying to submit are not in

English or they're not from the United

States and so I'm going to talk about

the biggest reason why you are getting

delayed in your application with selling

on Amazon and ways to fast forwarded so

you can actually concentrate on what's

important and that's finding products

that will make you money so the top

reason why you might not get approved

with song on Amazon is that the

documents that you're submitting are not

easy to read and are not clear and also

they're not in English now like I said

if you are not from the United States

and your country your country's official

language is not English obviously your

bank statement and your passport your ID

they won't be in English either and so

how Amazon approves the documents when

you are signing up for Amazon so sexual

account it's actually in a irobot just

like all of Amazon is nowadays just like

everything is nowadays in 2019

everything is through you know

everything's automatic and everything

runs through a robot so that's why my

biggest tip to use to make sure that the

documents that you are trying to upload

are easy to read they're clear and

they're translated in English now you

can go and either have them translated

through a website called up were calm

that's an amazing freelancing website

I've personally hired a lot of

tene on so you can go and

just buy the translator for cheap to

have your documents translated or I've

also heard from a personal friend of

mine here in Finland that he actually

submitted his documents and all he did

was he took his documents that were in

Finnish which is the official language

in Finland and he actually just put them

in Microsoft Word and then just Google

translated into English and then that

worked and before that it wasn't working

so you can also try that now mistake

number two is not putting in the bank

account that you're gonna use in the

future when you're actually making money

and a lot of money with your Amazon

business you're putting it you're not

putting in the bank out they're gonna

use like your business bank account

right and you're just putting in like a

temporary bank account kind of like

holding bank account in there and so I

recommend trust me this is from years of

experience of selling on Amazon

successfully I highly highly recommend

you don't put into sarandon bank account

in there make sure you put in a bank

account the bank yacht that you're

actually going to use to deposit money

from Amazon into that bank account for

your business it doesn't have to be a

business bank account it give me a

personal bank account although if you

already have a company or a corporation

or an LLC in your home country you've

already set that up you've already set

an official business up with a business

document and with this documents and

everything like that then you can just

go and put in that bank job or you can

go and put in a personal bank account

but then you're gonna have to use that

bank account for your whole business so

do not put in a random bank account just

to start selling on Amazon as quickly as


trust me time right now will pay off in

the long term time that you put into

this right now

you want to make sure that your saw

account is set up properly you won't

have to have you'll never have to touch

it again or worry about it ever again

now mistake number three is that a lot

of beginners think that their storefront

name on Amazon has to match your LSE

name or your business your official

business name that you've set up in your

home country so for example if you're

from the United States then you set up

an LLC which is a limited liability

corporation and so it's a myth you don't

have to have the same exact name on your

storefront it doesn't have to be the

same as your LLC so it can be literally

anything and then when you're actually

filing your taxes for your business so

let's say your official LLC name is best

tools and hardware on Amazon it can

literally be you know baby pro right

it doesn't have to be the same and know

when you're filing your taxes you would

just do best tools and hardware DBA

which means doing business as a baby

probe but you don't have to worry about

that once you actually file your taxes

so you don't have to have the same

storefront name as your LLC and now

mistake number four and it's a mistake

that a lot of Amazon beginners make is

that they initiative sells down with

their amazon storefront name so they

actually go and they for example like

you know baby or they'll actually put

their product name that they're selling

so let's say you just started selling

barbecue gloves you'll go and put best

barbecue gloves in the storefront name

that's a huge mistake because as soon as

you're not signed barbecue gloves well

then your storefront name doesn't

reflect that so what I always say is you

want to make sure that your storefront

name is as general as possible but it

still sounds good so for example like

cool essentials you know super generic

name but applies to a lot of niches and

you can have multiple brands and you are

going to have multiple brands under that

same storefront name and so that's why I

recommend always having a general

storefront name and then you can set up

separate brands under the storefront

name on Amazon so thank you guys for

watching I hope you guys enjoyed this

video and I hope that your amazon

selling career is going to be an

incredibly successful one as it was for

me and I believe in you I know that it

will as long as you never give up my

favorite quote is if you never give up

you'll never fail and so if you do want

to get mentored by me and if you want to

learn how to make six or seven figures a

year on Amazon FBA and you do not want

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I've made through my especially my first

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I'm gonna be able to tell you if it's

good or not maybe the product is

restricted which I'll obviously tell you

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way to achieve personal freedom and

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in 2019 because it is like I said in the

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true so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed

this one subscribe to the channel for

those of you joining you come freedom

I'll see you in there and yeah follow me

on Instagram like the video if you did

I'll see you guys soon

peace out