ALCATEL OneTouch Pop 3 - How Open Back Cover and Remove Battery

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he liked his alcatel one touch book

three let me show you how to remove the

back cover and the battery from the

following fun cell saying in other words

how to accomplish the subject operation

it's especially useful when the phone is

frozen or just hanged first of all I

could call to book hold down the power

key for a few seconds when the following

options appears on the screen just power

off and tap ok to come to the whole

operation wait until your device

completely free stuff and then time the

cavity the right edge of your phone and

simply use your nail finger to open the

back cover you have to do it like that

standby steps from the bottom of your

device to the top and now you have

access to your battery you can you move

your battery by using the fogging cavity

simply use your knife finger to remove

the whole battery and let's say that you

want to remove your battery for about 5

to 10 seconds just reset your device and

then put it back in the exactly that way

of the characteristic edge right here

make sure that your battery use your

device and then put back the back cover

you have to do step by step make sure

it's closed and now let's switch on your

device hold down the power key for a few

seconds the Alcatel logo appears in

front of you the device is turning down

excellent now you can use your device

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