How to Make Up to $200 an Hour Playing with Kids: An Intro to After School Programs

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after-school programs what's up what's

up Nick al over here welcome to this ad

hustle show because a business ideas are

everywhere in fact form a naja forebody

apologies on the pronunciation there her

latest business idea came from her son

although kind of in a roundabout way

Mays been an entrepreneur for quite a

while in the e-commerce space selling

imported products on Amazon and eBay and

to buy yourself more time to work on

that business she'd sometimes enroll her

son in after-school enrichment programs

at his school

these are on-campus programs usually at

elementary schools where kids can stick

around for another hour or so to learn

extra science or basketball or music or

whatever the kids love them the parents

love them and the private vendors who

put them on and sold them of course love

them too and that's when the gears

started turning from a for an hour a day

in the afternoons instead of buying that

time from someone else maybe she should

be the one selling it and diversify her

income away from Amazon over a recent

eight-week period May's new sign hustle

which she writes about at creative kids

crafts calm his kids with the Z crafts

with an S brought in twelve thousand

bucks not bad for an hour or two a day

right so sticking around to hear how she

got started how she's priced and sold

her program and how she's growing this

business well beyond just herself notes

and links for this one plus a free pdf

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of Mays top tips from the call or inside


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be back with my top takeaways from this

chat with may after the interview

already oh let's do it my son loved arts

and crafts and we used to do a lot

together and he used to do a lot of

these crafts in kindergarten and in

first grade but then they stopped once

he went to second grade so I thought

well why don't I offer a sophisticated

crafts class to the school then I went

to the school and asked him how can I

apply and they told me you need to

contact the school district and that's

how when I started my after-school craft

class at elementary schools did you have

any background either in crafting or

teaching not really no I've never taught

at any school I volunteered here and

there to help out during kindergarten

first grade and crafts I'm not a very

crafty person so I got a lot of ideas

from Pinterest or YouTube and okay yeah

that sounds intimidating to go in trying

to corral 1520 different kids and then

teach something that's like well I

picked this up on YouTube but good on

you for contact the school the school

says okay we are welcoming new

after-school classes but we need you to

get permission from the district first

and that makes sense it's like if you're

gonna be interacting with our kids we're

gonna have some sort of vetting process

I imagine so what was the approval

process like with the district so with

the district

I had to fill up application forms ask a

lot of questions and once I had that

filled out I submitted it then they

would do a background check and the

background check could take about two to

three months and then once you've been

approved and you have to submit your


then you're good to go and I also had to

get general liability insurance so once

I had all that in order I was ready to

teach at any school within my school

district was there a fee to submit that

application or was it just like okay

we'll fill out this paperwork no you

just have to fill the paperwork and I

had to pay for the fingerprint which was

about $75 and that's it and I had to pay

for the insurance but you just shop

around I paid $300 per year for the

general liability insurance but the

prices vary from state to state and from

insurance company you just have to shop

around is that a specialized insurance

for this type of business so I guess I'm

my rookie when it comes to it's just a

general liability insurance that the

district requires in case anything goes

wrong within a school ground or to the

kids so make sure their cover your

covered okay so I'm not a huge

investment there but just you know no

protection yes okay and that protects

you too right exactly yes it protects me

okay and we about the first the first

class like how do you get people

enrolled in this thing so what I did is

I had to create a lot of crafts first so

I created about 20 crafts and then what

I did is about two to three weeks before

my class started I did a demo during

lunch time so I set up a table lay out

all my crafts so once the kids were at

the schoolyard to eat they all saw my

crafts and I printed a lot of flyers to

hand it out to them as they showed an

interest and the kids went crazy they

just loved the crafts a lot of them just

stopped eating lunch and started running

towards my crafts table some kids had

money and said I want to buy these

crafts and that's explosive they're for

the class and it was a big hit so I hand

out flyers to a lot of the kids I

printed about 500 flyers and they're all

gone and because they were just so

excited this was just you doing a little

lunch our demo demo yes just show them

that the class that I was going to host

did you have to get permission from the

school to show up yes yes you just set

up a time and they would let you show up

so the kids take the

Myers home to mom and dad and they say

this after school class right so this is

kind of it's a multi week session right

the way it runs the schools will run

three sessions per school year so you've

got fall winter and spring and each

session is eight classes and each class

is only an hour long right after

dismissal my class was $120 for eight

classes once a week for an hour a day

okay yeah so the parents they're buying

that hour in the afternoon every week

for eight weeks for 120 bucks exactly

yes not a bad investment on their part I

can see why you're doing that as the

parent doesn't entrepreneur does the

school ever know that you've been doing

it for a while there's a school ever you

advertise for you like hey putting this

out in their newsletter or if there is

such a thing yes so what they do they

have a section on their website

dedicated for after school so if you go

to a school's website it would just say

after-school programs that are offered

for let's say spring session or for fall

session and they would scan your flyer

and on your flyer you would have all the

information about your class how much

your class is when the starting date

what dates you'll be at school you'll

have all the information that the

parents would need and parents just

could go in there the school also sent

out a blast email to all the parents

letting them know that the after-school

classes are starting at a certain date

so the parents are very aware of when

they're going to start and in the past

most schools had you print out flyers

and they would put them in the Friday

folders two weeks before the class would

start but now a lot of schools are going

paperless so all the information now on

their web sites only okay how long have

you been doing this for about three

years okay so over the 500 Flyers that

you passed out during the lunchtime demo

hour how many kids ended up enrolling so

you have to remember it's not just me

there's a lot of other vendors who are


also offer these classes and there are a

lot of kids who have other activities

too so I told myself even if I six

students who sign up I'll be excited and

I'll just show up and hopefully word of


I'll get more students the next session

may be for spring session but I had 18

students sign up so there were anywhere

from first grade to fifth grade and I

was excited so I collected 2000 $160

that first class that I had at my son's

school and I was excited I didn't think

that many kids would sign up and I think

the demo helped a lot ok so beyond 20

100 bucks up front / 8 hours of course

there's you know some set up and take

down time but you know healthy hourly

rate over 200 dollars an hour in terms

of gross revenue are there any other

costs involved in that you had to buy

supplies and they're under liability

insurance that you mentioned right so

the insurance you pay annual and you

have to rent the space from the school

so I chose the cheapest area which was

the lunch tables and actually weren't

perfect for what I was doing it was for

crafts and I had to pay $11 per day to

rent the lunch table so that was my cost

so every day that I was at school have

to pay $11 to the district and they

would just charge me in advance for the

8th session so they're charged $88

before I host the class that's like the

cheapest rent in the world it sounds yes

for 11 bucks right but the price barrier

if you want to have that the library

will be more expensive maybe $20 per day

if you wanted in a classroom the price

vary but the cheapest were the lunch

tables okay fair enough and then the

craft supplies there's just like a trips

to Sam's Club or Costco or something

so the crafts I ordered them online

wholesale so basic I did a lot of

research to get them cheaper I purchased

because for the class that I had I need

to have scissors glues and there's

certain items that I always had to have

available for the kids and then the rest

of the crafts the supplies I just bought

them online and the cost wasn't much

maybe about I bought enough supply for a

whole year so

we about maybe 400 500 dollars so in any

case even after all these kind of like

upfront annual expenses you're still

turning a profit on this first yes yes

how do people pay you is it just like

okay bring your check to the first class

are they signing I mean is there a

website portal where they're punching in

credit card information how's that part

work so when I first started I wanted to

be real simple because I wasn't even

sure if anybody would show any interest

I did want to invest and a website I

just created the flyer and on the flyer

there's area where the parents can fill

out all information and everything that

the parents need to know is on the flyer

so what they would do the bottom half of

the flyer has a section where the parent

would write the child's name what grade

they're in the parents phone number

their email address and they'll fill

that part up and with the check they'll

hand it to the front office of the

school and I would call it all the

checks at the end of the week okay and

then once I got going and I start

expanding to other schools that's when I

created a website and they could have

pay either the way they normally did

paid a pass with cheque or they could

just pay online okay cool

take me back to that first class like a

team kids start up that seems really

intimidating trying to corral 18

elementary school-aged kids and keep

their attention for an hour did he go

okay or did you have help how'd it go it

was chaos

it was absolute chaos I didn't know what

to do because I had never I was never a

teacher and the kids just start running

they're all excited they were playing

with the crafts I kept saying don't

touch the cross because I need to show

you how to make them they were playing

the supplies they start using their

scissors and cutting everything and when

one kid want to use a restroom everybody

wanted to use the restroom one key one

drink water everybody wanted to drink

boy it was horrible when I couldn't

finish the class on time I was passing

out the crafts as they were sitting it

was craziness and I don't know how I

managed the first class but then by the

second and third I finally got a hang of

it so I would show up half an hour early

before the kids dismissal I would

basically lay out all the craft supplies

have everything ready and when

would show up I'll tell all their

backpacks on one side and have them sit

next to each other politely and by the

third class I got a good hang of how to

teach this okay okay no I like it

developing the systems as you go yes and

I'll just have them take turns to use

the restroom or drink water and then I

would have the older kids help out the

younger kids if they needed help and the

kids who talk too much I would just

maybe have them sit a little far away

from the other kid but it worked out

well yeah it's a fun class so I cannot

take the class too seriously because it

kids have to have fun and I cannot be

too strict because the parents pay for

this class and ultimately the kids

should have fun and want to come back

right right yeah the word of mouth the

repeat business I imagine is yes a huge

part of this yes so you know you have to

be really friendly and at the same time

try to keep order within the class but I

love the class I mean dealing with kids

is a lot more fun than dealing with

adults in my opinion there's days that I

feel like that but the other day as far

as like no thank you

but don't forget I only have to deal

with one hour just for one hour so and

they're just so happy to be in that

class so it really brightened my day by

when the class is usually over I always

have a big smile on my face because they

enjoy it so much

yeah that's really cool actually helping

kids and in spreading art and just yeah

having some fun after school so I think

that's a cool business what happens next

so you do the eight-week session you've

earned a little over two grand for doing

that but I get the sense that you've got

bigger visions in mind so that's okay so

let me try to off since I already have

permission in my school district I start

calling up other elementary schools in

my city and asked them if I could offer

my class so the second school that I

went to was a much larger elementary

school but they worked it a little


they only allowed after school classes

on Wednesdays because Wednesday's is

early dismissal so the kids normally get

out at 1:30 most parents

hate early dismissal so it was a real

treat for the kids to participate in

these after-school classes so they had

anywhere between eight to ten vendors

every Wednesday all over the school

offering different classes so I did a

demo during lunchtime

two to three weeks before I offered the

class and a week before I started my

class I got a call from the school

secretary and saying mmm how many kids

do you want in your classes I have

twenty-seven checks in front of me right

now and your class is gonna start very

soon I was shocked then I said Oh thirty

I'll take up to 30 yeah so I had 27

students sign up for that particular

school and $120 each and I collected

three thousand two hundred $40 for an

eight-week session so that was really

exciting and then I had to have help so

I have a wonderful employee who helps me

with Amazon and she's the best so she

helped me with that class I think for

every 15 students is good to have one

instructor okay so yeah for 27 people

like let's bring in some extra help it's

just because the type of class I had was

a craft class you could have made

basketball or tennis or volleyball maybe

you wouldn't need as many instructors

but because it was a craft class a lot

of kids the younger kids would need more

help yeah very hands-on yes and then the

third school that I later applied I

wanted to test and see if I charge a

little more with enrollment drop or

would it stay the same so what I did for

the third school I basically charged

$120 per student plus $20 for material

fee for supplies so that would make it

$140 per student I just wanted to see if

I charged $20 more would it change

anything and it didn't I had 25 students

sign up for that school wow that's

awesome and so just you're lining these

up on a different day of the week so the

early dismissal program was Wednesday

but then that leaves you another four

days to fill a calendar

yes and for the third school that I

added an extra $20 I made 3,500 there

were 25 students so what I was trying to

do is I was trying to cover all five

days Monday through Friday and then

after a year I started I had a school

every day so I was out of school every

afternoon okay yeah it fills a gap in

the market cuz what time does school get

out like 2:30 3:00 3:30 yeah and it's

like woman you don't get off work til

5:00 or 6:00 how are you gonna do during

that time well a lot of these kids also

went to CDC too so after the craft

messages walk to the CDC's like child

care so they would stay there until the

parents pick them up from work a lot of

parents who work felt guilty they didn't

like to keep them just at the child care

they wanted them to have fun also so a

lot of parents sign them up for these

after school class too and then later

they would walk to the area where they

would wait for their parents to pick

them up but a lot of the kids were

picked up by parents right after a lot

of parents basically like to sign them

their kids for these classes too even if

they didn't work this is a nationwide

thing like I said I don't know that this

was around when I was a kid I don't know

but I know there are a lot of franchises

basically a lot of afterschool classes

like what I have done there are

franchises - like math science that my

son went to our school their franchise

and they're all over the place so I know

where I am in Southern California is

very popular and I'm sure they offer in

other states - okay interesting are you

gonna go the franchisor out with

creative I'm hoping to do that I'm

hoping to eventually franchise it now

I'm going to ten school so I have to

hire help because I can't be two schools

at the same time yeah now I'm going to

ten schools I'm going to two schools per

day per weekday but eventually I'm

hoping that I could franchise or create

some type of membership program so I

could expand wow that's awesome well it

seems pretty cool that you've kind of

grown it beyond yourself and saying okay

I got to bring in some help on that


yes tell me about that hiring process

because it's like yeah I need to hire a

part-time person but like only for an

hour hour and a half in the afternoon

that seems like a very narrow

of the labor pool yes that is the

biggest challenge because whoever you

hire is only going to work why pay them

for two hours because they need to show

up half an hour early teach the class

for an hour and probably then clean up

and make sure all the students have been

picked up and then leave so total two

hours so you have to pay an employee

well because if they're only working two

hours an afternoon it has to just has to

be worth their time so I pay $20 per

hour okay and a lot of college students

they don't mind it they enjoy it and you

have to find someone who's reliable to

make sure they show up on time or I show

up at all yeah have you ever had a class

that was going on and and the person

just was a no-show i luckily never had

that experience but my son had been to

classes were the teacher was a no-show

and that's not a good sign yeah no no no

cuz you might not get invited back to

that school so 10 schools college

students okay that makes sense that

would be a good kind of like part-time

gig for them just in the afternoon and

yeah decent hourly rate you mentioned

hey I was looking for six sign ups if he

had gotten two or four or five would he

just like refunded people are just like

not cashed the check and say so are you

you know we're gonna go back to the

drawing board on this one

normally if I have low enrollment I

still try to go to the school because I

believe if you cancel the class then the

next time when you go they might not

sign up because the parents would be

afraid you might have a low enrollment

again and cancel okay what I do is I

created a second class called

jewelry-making so now I have two classes

so in order to keep enrollment high I

offer a variety of classes for example

for spring session I would offer at a

crafts class and then for the winter

session I would offer the jewelry-making

class so that there is a change in a

type of class you offered to keep

enrollment high but there's some classes

that are very popular and enrollments

are always high basketball I've seen one

gentleman he always has a basketball

class and enrollment is always high it

really depends but I've also seen

is where I had signed my son for up and

if they had low enrollment I think it

was for keyboard class they would cancel

the class and low enrollment maybe just

for students showing up they Justin

feels worth the time yeah then the math

starts to not be as attractive for the

instructor are you right okay I'm so

expanding to other schools expanding the

class offerings with the jewelry-making

class mean there's a ton of different

ways that you could go with this now

that you kind of have your foot in the

door with the districts and some

positive experiences with some students

and parents where do you want to take

this thing what's next on the horizon

for you

we also offer birthday a lot of the kids

they would like to make crafts for their

birthdays and I have pictures I have

taken pictures of all the crafts that

I've made I'd have like over a hundred

crafts pictures and I would let the

child look at all the crafts and choose

the one that they would like to make for

their birthday with their friends and

I'll just have the parents informed me

three weeks before the birthday to make

sure I have all the supplies ready and I

charged $225 for up to ten kids for one

hour and $25 for each additional child

and we had quite a few birthdays we'd go

to the parents house or go to the park

wherever they wanted us to host the

birthday and also summer camps we do

summer camps so all you have to do is

apply with the school district in

advance and just let them know the type

of class that you're going to host for

summer and the dates that you want to

host and what location either in a

community center or at the park and we

would have kids sign up for our summer

camps too so you could either depending

on how much time you have you could

either do it just in the schools or if

you want to make money all year round

you could offer birthdays on weekends

and I also do summer camps okay

interesting so what's the summer similar

like eight-week program an hour a day or

do we come and do the thing or is it

like more intense like come come stay in

my overnight cabin and we'll do perhaps

all day there called summer camps but

they're actually only maybe three hours

or four hours every day

so the way it runs in our city is it

could be a one-week class Monday through

Friday let's

from 9 to 12 or it could be a two-week

class you could offer it Monday through

Friday let's say from 8 to 12 and I

would just do more crafts maybe 2 to 3

crafts and just have them take a rest

run around eat a little snack in between

ok they run a little differently yeah no

that sounds familiar those we definitely

did have as a kid like these half-day no

summer day camp type of things for

sports or for science or I don't know

went to a bunch of them anything else

model or the I noticed you kind of have

a I guess a guide or a craft book on

your site for like here's the best the

greatest hits of their creative kids

crafts or something like that well I

recently released a book an e-book and I

saw on Amazon it's called seriously fun

DIY which stands for do-it-yourself

kids crafts and basically the reason why

I created this book was a lot of the

students would sneak supplies into their

backpack before they would go home and

I'd always ask them why are you taking

the supplies home you already made the

crafts and he said oh my brother and

sister wanted to make the crafts with me

because when I show them the craft they

get so excited so I also had one student

who told me every weekend his mom would

taken to the craft store and they buy

the supplies and make the same crafts

that we made that week together as a

family with his siblings so that's what

I thought why did I create a ebook a

picture big picture ebook of the popular

crafts that we had made with the kids so

that the kids could maybe make the

crafts on their own with very little

help so it's like a picture book all the

steps are big images like a basically

like a legal manual book and that's how

I came up with idea to create this book

and maybe later I'll create a jewelry

ebook too for the kids but I also had a

lot of parents and friends who asked me

about the classes that I had created

because there are lot of stay-at-home

moms who like the idea of just working

two hours an afternoon so they would ask

them like how you create the class and

have me teach them what to do so that's

when I decided to create a course to

teach other parents if they wanted to

create their own afters

class that's on my website too it's

really good is really easy you don't

have to be tech savvy

it only takes up two hours of your day

during the weekday and you make decent

income I love it this is side hustles on

side hustles so you find that course

creative kids crafts common kids with a

Z made that is really cool I'm just like

I'm kind of excited you know just the

ground floor of this business and all

the different ways that you can go and

diversify and hire out help and expand

I was curious like you know you

mentioned okay there's the mad science

there's the basketball thing there's the

volleyball thing if you ever approached

a school and they said well we're we're

at capacity right now then we're not

taking any new after-school programs yes

I have so I just never give up you just

keep calling them okay because somebody

won't drop off or you never know yes yes

because some classes if they've been in

that school for too long

eventually enrollment would go down

because it's a fun class so parents

might not want to sign them over and

over and over again for the same class

or if they had a bad instructor because

didn't have a good experience or the

school just wants to change it up and

have different types of class offered so

yes I did have schools that rejected me

many times but I would always keep

calling them and keep trying and now

that I have two classes once crafts

almost jewelry it's easier to get into

the school so if you could offer

multiple classes or even triple you can

go to more schools like the gentleman

that I know who offers the basketball he

does volleyball also okay they do chess

too so I see them in a lot of schools

well that's very cool man I really

appreciate you taking the time to join

me I think that's a good place to wrap

this thing up again creative kids crafts

comm check it out what you got going on

over there a really cool side hustle

just you know an hour to in the

afternoons if that fits into your

schedule let's wrap this thing up with

your number one tip for side hustle

nation keep your eyes open opportunities

everywhere I love it isn't that the

truth they really appreciate it and

we'll catch up with you soon

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free trial today alright my top

takeaways from this call with made

number one is to get a foot in the door

with this business there's a little bit

of red tape to get started but once

you're in you're in and you can expand

to other schools in the district and I

find that to be true with a lot of side

hustle the startup is the hardest part

and then it kind of becomes like physics

where an object in motion stays in

motion but get a foot in the door and if

you have kids or you know someone with

kids or you live near a school or you

used to be a kid those could all be

potential ways to start the conversation

and see if this is a side hustle that

could work for you takeaway number two

is to go where the classes and customers

already are I think Mae was smart to

start with a school she already had a

relationship with because of her son and

they were already hosting after-school

classes so they had a process in place

for them and parents were used to

signing up I think it would have been a

much harder road to go to the schools

without any after-school programs and

trying to be the first to blazed that

trail kind of like James Johnson was

explaining in Episode two 81 on

freelance writing

he struck out miserably targeting the

businesses that didn't have a blog and

trying to convince them to start one and

then hire him to write it he had much

better luck targeting the businesses

that already had a blog but were kind of

struggling to keep it up so takeaway

number two is to go where the classes

and customers already are and take away

number three is kind of the hardest one

this is to fill in the gaps this is a

business built on filling in gaps in a

way a lot of businesses are we're

talking about gaps in childcare coverage

in the afternoon gaps in the

after-school course offering catalog

gaps in the school district as far as

you know where you can expand the

problem with gaps it's not always easy

to see unless you're really familiar

with the problem for this sign hustle

maybe that means checking out your local

elementary schools programs do they have

computer classes art classes sports

after-school programs you know what's

missing what gap could you fill in it's

hard to see what's not there I know that

but it's kind of where the magic happens

and that's where side hustlers can come

in and make some money definitely a cool

business and a really creative side

hustle with lots of happy stakeholders

the kids the parents the schools the

employees and of course the business

owners like me so what do you think let

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all the mains top tips from our call

that's it for me thank you so much for

tuning in until next time let's go out

there and make something happen and I'll

catch you in the next edition of the

side hustle show where we're diving into

the personality characteristic that is

twice as important as IQ in predicting

academic and professional success and

more importantly how you can cultivate

it every day to get more of it in your

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