How to open Afrin

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you may sign that your bottle with

aspirin is really hard to open I'd a lot

of trouble with it the cap says push in

turn what you'll actually find is even

if you push really hard I'm turning the

right direction it's just not working

like it just clicks and clicks and never

opens so the problem is if I turn the

bottle sideways you can kind of see the

the bottle is kind of sucked in

basically what what happened was the

last time I closed this bottle I

squeezed a little bit of the air out of

it so there's like too much of a vacuum

seal on it to get it open again but the

way to get it open is actually pretty


you just have to push down super super

hard that's really all there is to it

like you're going to have to push down

so hard that actually feels like you're

going to break the bottle but you can

see that the top of the bottle like

deforming a little bit I'll change the

angle seat so you can see like it almost

seems like I'm going to rip through the

plastic and how hard I have to push here

but just push down so hard you think

bottle crisply

and then you can get it to turn that's

really all you have to do