≫ How to Open a Bank of America Account in the USA 2020 (Checking-Savings-Student)

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how to open a bank of america account

in this video you will learn how to open

an account at bank of america

so that you can enjoy all the benefits

of having a bank account

to open your bank of america account you

need to perform four essential steps

to learn all these steps you have to

watch this video to the end

let's go opening a bank account at bank

of america can be done at a branch

over the phone on your desktop computer

or on a mobile

device whichever way you decide

you'll want to follow these four steps

one choose which accounts best suit you

the national bank offers three main

options for checking

and one for savings checking

bank of america advantage safe balance


what are the benefits of the advantage

safe balance checking account

easy access this account comes with a

visa debit card

and fee free use of one of the nation's

largest atm

networks low fees this account has a

monthly fee of 4.95 cents

which is waived if you're a student or a

member of preferred rewards

preferred rewards a free program that

waives 12 non-bank of america atm

fees annually depending on your average

balance across

all bank of america accounts no monthly

balance requirements

unlike some other checking accounts you

aren't required to maintain a minimum

balance in your account

budgeting tool use bank of america's

spending and budgeting tool to track

spending habits

and take control of your finances this

account is for someone who keeps a low

balance and doesn't need

checks students under age 24 can avoid

the monthly fee

bank of america advantage plus banking

this is the standard checking option

with four ways to avoid the monthly fee

including receiving direct deposits

paper checks are available for a fee

this account has overdraft programs that

help you cover transactions

if you don't have enough money in

checking bank of america advantage

relationship banking

this account is for customers who keep

high balances

and unlike the other two accounts offers

some interest

overdraft programs and checks are


savings reward savings

the interest rate is low and the monthly

fee is high for a savings account

though there are multiple ways to waive

it you don't have to open both checking

and savings at the same bank

if you're looking for higher rates

compare bank of america's savings option

with those of online banks

two gather materials here are things

you'll need

your information social security number

or tax identification number

current home address email address

funding method account number or debit

card number for existing checking

account or cash or check

same information for any joint account


your identification this isn't part of

the online opening process

but if you open an account at a bank

branch you'll need two

forms of id which can include a driver's


passport social security card or state


three fill out the application

you can do this through bank of

america's website on a computer or

mobile device

over the phone or at a branch if you're

missing some materials and can't

complete an application online

visit the nearest bank of america branch


fund the account set up a transfer from

your existing checking account or you

can pay with cash or check at the local


the minimum opening deposit for many

bank of america accounts is one hundred


standard term cds require one thousand


these are the four steps you must follow

to have your bank of america account

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bank accounts

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