How To Open Large Format Wines Bottles

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hello and thank you for joining me today

we are going to open this big beautiful

bottle of wine right here in front of me

this is a six liter so this is 30 years

old this wine has slowly matured in the

bottle as compared to a smaller format

like a 750 it would age much faster big

bottles the cork is pieced together so

there's always a possibility that the

cork will have some issues coming out

but if you have your tools and I always

bring a couple of different tools I have

an also and I have a corkscrew the cork

should be very moist at 30 years old

this cork has absorbed some of the wine

and become very pliable I like to wipe

the court because it's been in the

cellar all this time so get any debris

away from it okay I'm gonna open this

baby up it's a lot of wine yeah this

knife is sharp I'm gonna pop up the top

perfect look at that so also has two

prongs once a little bit longer than the

other so what you want to do is put the

first one in the long one side in so

that also is working it's pulling the

cork it's turning the cork around which

is what you want it to do here goes home

thickness okay now I'm going to try the

corkscrew and see if I can get down here

it is kind of breaking up

yeah there you go there's a

thirty-year-old cork go ahead and decant

it and pour it for your guests but make

sure and taste it first pick the cork

taste it and pour it for your guests if

you have any other questions about big

formats and corks and closures and

openers you can give us a call or email

us at any time