How to open a 5 Gallon Bucket (and how it is closed)

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all right we're sealing up a guessing

Tyson pocket here

hi I'm Jude no sec I'm here to show you

have to open up one of the custom

buckets that either has chalk in it or

chalk line reels or gifts of any kind

the first thing you need to have is a

screwdriver and what we're going to do

is find the notch on the bucket rim

that's unlike all the others and you

want to unhook that notch from the rest

of it from there you simply pull the tab

directly behind itself so either

straight up at night or 180 degrees

that's step one step two the trickier

part is to pull each one of these tabs

back up and you'll hear it pop and

release you can do this with your

fingers and just pull up straight back

and up that kind of hurts some people so

another technique is to take a couple of

quarters put them on your fingertips

slide them under the rim and then push

through the first two fingers or pull

back up for the first two fingers and

that should release the edges and then

you would just with one section at a

time all the way around there's one

other technique that I found to be a bit

helpful and that's to put a little

weight in the middle of the bucket to

pull those tabs up so that's three four

five and six seems to be the magic

number once you get six you can pretty

much get them all