How to Crack the Code & Open a Combination Padlock

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if you've forgotten the number to your

combination lock it can be really

annoying today I'm going to show you how

to open one of these padlocks without

knowing the number I'm starting with

this 3 dial combination lock it's about

6 centimetres tall and it feels

relatively sturdy we need to start by

pulling a little on the shackle to apply

some tension to the lock I do this just

by pulling back with my finger like this

next we need to rock each one of the

dials back and forward to see which

one's got the most resistance on in this

case is the top one so we start here we

need to rotate the dial slowly between

each digit until we feel a small break

in resistance on the wheel here number

five feels a lot freer than the other

digits so we move on to the next style

and is the same procedure keep some

tension on the shackle and rotate to the

dial until we feel a change this time

number eight feels a lot looser so we

move on to the last oil if we've got the

other two numbers correct it should just

be a case of going through each of the

digits one by one until it pops open and

there we go the combination was 582 here

I've got a slightly bigger and sturdier

padlock with four dials but to open it

it's exactly the same principle apply

some tension to the faculty Isle has the

most resistance and start with that one

until you feel a change in the pressure

for this one number eight feels freer

and if I rock the dial back and forth I

can actually see the shackle moving

slightly in and out if I put a piece of

tape around the shuttle it might make it

easier for you to see - it's actually

moving quite a lot and this helps to

confirm that digit eight is correct

now we need to find the next style with

the most resistance and repeat the steps

here number nine is a lot freer these

bottom two dials feel about the same

with resistance so I'll start with this


this time zero feels looser and the

shackle moves slightly too so it's on to

the bottom one and there we go

combination eight nine zero one two

change the combination on these locks we

bring the shackle to the side and put it

in this position then rotate the dials

to the new number now when we close it

and change the dials it should be locked

and it opens on the new number this time

I'm gonna change the number combination

with it hidden in the palm of my hand so

I've got no idea what the number is I

lock the shackle and scramble up the

dials so I genuinely have no idea what

has been set to so I go through the

process again to crack it apply tension

and start with this style this time the

break-in resistance is on number one

dial 2 is a bit difficult but it feels

like it's number 5 this time the bottom

dial feels like it's got a bit more

resistance so I work on this one and I

think it's number 3 then I move to the

last one keep rotating it and number 2

pops it open there we go I had no idea

what the number was but I was able to

open it it goes to show that as

convenient as these locks are they do

have security issues and vulnerabilities

so do be careful of course if you have

one of these locks on a shed or

something you apply the tension to the

shackle by pulling down on the lock then

go through the procedure before I go I

wanted to show you this reproduction

Chinese brass antique combination lock

it's got five barrels with Chinese

symbols on which rotates like this and

although I bought this new I didn't have

a combination for it

so I went through a similar process to

open it I applied some pressure to the

lock and went through each ring one at a

time I did find this very fiddly because

it's quite small but I was definitely

able to feel when I got certain dials

into the correct position and the more I

got correct the slacker the lock began

to feel until I finally got the last one

in position and opened the lock

pretty cool huh it really is a great

little lock and you can see how it works

when we rotate one of the dials the gap

at the top moves around which stops the

other half from sliding out they all

need to line up and of course there's

five altogether and just the slightest

bit of misalignment will stop the lock

opening all going back together I really

like this lock though and if you want to

buy one there's a link in the

description below I hope you've enjoyed

watching this video if you want to see

more you can click on the links or take

a look at my youtube channel page stay

safe have fun and as always thanks for