How to Take Apart a Nintendo 3DS XL

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the original Nintendo 3ds XL I need to

take this apart because it has been

broken at the hinge here on the right


somebody tried to fix it with superglue

and we're gonna get inside there we're

gonna take it apart I'm gonna show you

how to do that yourself thank you so

much for watching the video this is a

no-nonsense complete disassembly

tutorial on the 3ds XL to do this you're

going to need yourself a fine pair of


a wooden marker and a size zero Phillips

head screwdriver we're going to start by

removing the stylus as well as removing

the SD card from the 3ds XL now we have

two screws here at the top we're gonna

use our size zero Phillips head

screwdriver to unscrew these once we've

unscrewed those we can now remove this

backplate you just use your fingernails

or if you have like some sort of plastic

screwdriver and get in there and pry

this thing apart your fingernails should

work just fine

might take a little persuasion and

delicately working around the edge but

eventually you will hear a pop that's

completely normal you have not broken

anything I swear I wouldn't I would not

direct you to breaking your stuff that's

just not how I roll and we're gonna pop

this thing off you can see I had a

little bit of difficulty its first time

pulling this thing off of here next

we're gonna remove the battery a very

simple design there's a little slot

right here you could put your finger in

and just lift upward the battery comes

out very effortlessly now we've got five

screws total four of them are set in the

console here

here here and here

final screw is up here at the cartridge

slot don't forget about that


now we have two Stoppers here that we're

going to remove I used my fingers to

remove the first one very easily it came

out the second one however gave me a

little bit of trouble so I used my

wooden marker to remove that one and now

we have two screws under here again

Philips head size zero and again do not

forget your cartridge slot screw

now that we have removed all of the

screws from the backside we can then

grab a hold of it and lift it upward and

tilt it towards the cartridge slot it's

imperative that you do that because

there are ribbon cables in the top left

and right hand corners that we're going

to need to pop off I pop very easily

with very little effort you can use a

small flat-head screwdriver or whatever

you can use your fingernails if you'd

like you have at the bottom left and

right hand corner you have little

plastic pieces here you're going to

remove those with your tweezers and then

also at the bottom right hand corner we

have a ribbon cable attachment they're

going to need to lift up and then pull

out up at the top right hand side we

also have a series of these ribbon

cables that we're going to need to

remove the one at the top removes

differently than the one underneath so

it was the white piece on this one we

flipped it upward then remove the ribbon

cable using your tweezers safely and

then the black side is where the clip is

on this one you lift that up and again

use your tweezers to remove the ribbon

cable and just underneath of that we

have our analog stick that we're going

to remove two screws from that little

piece there that's hanging you can just

lift it straight up it's not secured in

any particular fashion it's very easy

didn't get that on camera apologize but

I mean you just grab it and just lift it

right up it comes right off just be

careful not to yank on it


now we can remove this here and

underneath we have a little black washer

we're gonna need to set that off to the

side and remember to put that in upon

our replacement and do not remove the

analog stick from the motherboard

there's no need to not when you're doing

a case replacement or any kind of really

I can't see any reason to disconnect

that unless you are replacing the analog

stick and as you can see here I have

four screws that we're going to use our

screwdriver to remove again eight size

zero Phillips head screwdriver

at the bottom we have two more Phillips

head screws that we need to remove


and then a series of four again over on

the left side of the motherboard



this is our Wi-Fi card I am using my

wooden marker to lift it upward very

delicately it's it pops off again very

very easily all the components that you

remove like this they come off super

easy then we're gonna disconnect this

cable from the backside here just pull

it off we can now use a small flat-head

screwdriver get underneath of the

motherboard very carefully lift it

upward and again tilt it towards the

cartridge slot because there is one more

ribbon cable connecting on this side

again it is a clip mechanism you just

pop it up and it comes right out of



this is a LCD screen we're going to lift

up with our finger you will hear some

cracking that is just adhesive being

disturbed that's all that sound is you

lift it up and out and then we will grab

the basically these are like pads for

the buttons so we're gonna remove all of

those now we can remove our buttons I

chose to do it this way just by getting

up underneath of it and popping them

upward you can you know do it however

you want to do it to get it out of there

to each his own

choose-your-own-adventure now on this

side of where the top glasses are the

top screen there are these little pads

there are four of them and I used my

wooden marker to get up underneath of

these to remove these pads and then

underneath of these pads are screw so

they're again four of these we're gonna

remove and then use our small size zero

Phillips head screwdriver to remove

those now we can remove the top plate

make sure that your case is closed up

and then push forward from the back and

it will pop off we're going to remove

this screw here this is our speaker

section these little silver rectangles

are speakers and there are tiny little

mesh pieces that go between the speaker

and the plastic so remember when you

were removing all this stuff to put all

of that stuff in a safe spot put your

screw somewhere safe put everything

together you don't want to be putting

this back together and being like I

don't have all of the screws or I don't

have all these pieces I didn't remember

to put those mesh pieces in there and

now whenever my speaker makes noise it



all right now you see this area here

there's a catastrophe the person who

owned this previously used super glue to

fix it and I actually had to take a

little piece of somebody else's tutorial

to show you how to properly do this

however he did not get the best camera

angle he's got his big fat fingers in

the way and I understand it's it's easy

to to get your big fat fingers in the

way of the camera lens I try my best not

to do that anymore basically this guy's

grabbing a piece of plastic here and

working it upward and then removing it

out with his tweezers now inside you see

this little white piece here towards the

base you have to push that in to the

circle in order to get this to unhinge



you can now pull this upward and it will

pop off

now on the other side you could just pop

it open as well and then he's using a

pair of tweezers to kind of work this

little cylinder here apart now there is

a little slot here that the ribbon

cables can be fed through and then the

long green wireless cable wire wireless

cable wire alright back to me doing this

now I had to do this by completely

different means than what I just showed

you I showed you that version of it

because I know most of you who were

gonna be repairing these aren't going to

have the kind of hindrance that I had

with the superglue somebody tried to

repair this thing with superglue and it

completely stopped me from being able to

take it apart the way that that guy did

I believe that the repair that I'm

making is probably a very common repair

I would imagine that most of the breaks

that happen on three DS xl's probably

happen on the right bumper or the left

bumper from people accidentally dropping

them and causing some sort of break to

the case as well as you know the actual

bumper itself

so hopefully this this tutorial helps

you get through that and if you happen

to buy one that somebody else prepared

very similarly you know and very

stupidly stupidly a word I don't know

but this right here is a camera and

we're gonna lift that up with our

fingers comes right up and now there's

this little piece here that's connected

with a ribbon cable you just lift that

up and now it's time to remove the

screen from this part of the case again

you'll hear some cracking do it from the

bottom side or you know that the screen

side you just grab up there and then you

push with your fingers you're gonna hear

cracking that is again the adhesive just

like from the previous screen now the

last thing that we have to remove here

is the wireless the wireless cable wire

that I so ironically mentioned before

maybe I didn't ironically mention it

before but the whole thing is ironic

man well there you have it ladies and

gentlemen completely disassembled and

ready for a cosmetic enhancement on the

case I'm gonna show you how to customize

your 3dsxl in the next video whatever

theme you want I'm not sure if I don't

we do a Megaman or sell that we're

Metroid I don't know but if you want to

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out and thank you so much for watching

and I will see you in the next video