How to open a 35mm film canister without any tools

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hello people my name is Maris welcome to

my channel and today I will show you how

you can open a 35-millimeter film

canister without using any tools now I

know some people have bought specialized

film canister opener you know some kind

of tool you'll just put around this end

you it's like that it's basically like a

bottle opener I believe some bottle

openers actually work as well that's one

way to to open up a film canister but

actually you don't need any tools

just take the film canister it's just

insert your Tom beer in complete

darkness of course and you open it like

this and you roll out film stick the

start of the film into the reel of your

development tank and you roll the film

out now this field as you can see has

already been removed and how I think

that you can see in a previous video I

will post a link below ok then see you

next time and happy photographing bye