How To Unlock ANY 3-DIGIT COMBO LOCK in 1 minute! (August 2020 Method)

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hey guys what's up so

a lot of people have been asking me

recently how do you unlock

one of these

i've seen a lot of people on the

internet asking how to unlock three

digit combination locks without knowing

the code to the lock

it's fairly simple right your first step

is to make sure you're wearing

the thickest pair of gloves that you can


so that you don't leave any fingerprints

i'm gonna i'm gonna keep the gloves on

all right so what you wanna do

um is get your lock so i have the code

set to 666

uh no reason for that but basically what

i'm gonna do

i'm gonna set this to a random number

i'm not going to know this right

so i have absolutely no idea what the

code is now

right so the first thing that we're

gonna do this is probably easier without


but i'm gonna do it with gloves because

you know extra challenge and all that

so the first thing we're gonna do we're

gonna start

on the top number here as you can see if

it focuses

there we go as you can see this number

is seven

this number is nine this number is six

nope that number is also nine so the

first thing we're going to want to do

is we're going to want to use this one


and you're going to pull as hard as you


on this now you should get to one

where it feels like it just

clicks into place

okay so my six here it feels like it's

clicked in it feels like

that might be the right number so now

what i'm gonna do instead of just going

to the middle one i go to this one

so again pull as hard as you can

and try and find one that just clicks in

oh okay so my

my code was 694. now obviously if you

try to do this with someone else's luck

um it's it's gonna be

it's gonna be pretty bad um

yeah you're uh you

just don't do it okay so now what we're

going to do

is we're going to randomize this code

again i'm going to have absolutely

zero idea what it is go down you stupid

right i'm going to randomize these

numbers i'm going to have absolutely

no idea what they are all right

i don't know what it is okay absolutely

zero idea what the numbers are so we're

going to do the same thing again we're

gonna start on the top one

i'm gonna find the number that clicks

into place

for some reason my six seems to be the

one that's clicking

so we're gonna go to this one now to the

the bottom one

and we're gonna try the same thing oh

i don't know if you can hear that but my

zero is actually

uh loudly clicking um usually there's no


but sometimes you do get sound out of it

so my zero was

quite loud there and now we're gonna go

to the middle one

so my one feels like it's clicking in


so um now i've got my six one nine

my bottom one um my bottom one felt like


clicked in quite a bit oh that should be

on a zero shouldn't it

because the zero felt like i clicked in

um so the zero

felt like it clicked in quite a bit the

one felt like it clicked in quite a bit

not sure about the top one so we're

going to retry

the top number

okay and that six seems to actually have

locked itself in there i can still move

it but it feels

fairly solid in there uh hopefully

that is the right number

okay so i've been trying for quite a bit

um and it's gone a little bit looser

because i think i found the first two

all right so now that i've got the first

two it is very

simple to find the next one

so i'm gonna start right on the nine

okay i'm gonna pull as hard as i can i'm


keep turning it

and there we go the lock is unlocked so

as you can see

this method does work sometimes um it

can take a little bit longer

than uh intended generally speaking it

should only take about a minute

i'm going to set this back to zeros

three zeros

okay so now it's back on three zeros


um so yeah this method

does technically work sometimes

sometimes it can take a little bit

longer than you would like it to but it


if you want to give this a shot go ahead


you have a lock that you already know

the code to

i would advise not scrambling up the

code just to

mess around with it to try this because

depending on your lock type sometimes

this might not work

so be very careful when you're doing


anyway that is it

for this video um make sure you do not

do this

on someone else's lock without wearing

your big thick

anyway guys thank you so much for

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epic anyway thank you guys so much for

watching this video

i'll see you when i see you goodbye


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