Must Know Life Hack! Easiest Way To Open A Tightly Closed Soda Bottle (Life Hacks For Real Life)

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So because I hate

flat soda, I usually end up closing the cap

too tight on the bottles

I also put the soda in the fridge

so it's cold, but this makes it even harder to open.

And kind of hurts your hand.

So if this happens to you

too there's a super easy solution.

Just get a rubberband.

Take the rubberband and put it over the bottle cap.

The tighter the better, so you might have to loop it

a couple times.

The rubberband is going to add friction.

Now get a towel or some kind of tissue.

Put the tissue over the bottle cap and twist like you normally would.

Because of the rubberband, it makes it much easier to open.

If you prefer, you actually don't even need a tissue.

Place the rubberband on the cap like we just showed you.

Then use your shirt.


And there you go.

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