BET9JA REGISTRATION : how to register with bet9ja and start playing your games online

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hello welcome to my

YouTube channel once again in this video

I'm going to teach you how to register

with Beth later possibly your games

online so let's get started first go to

your browser and type

WWWE best idea that's called www dot

that's nyah-nyah dot-com


it is opening it is open it


now can see this is the

neither room this is the best night of

website soon for you to create your


come here this is register this is your

going to start your registration can you

see this is register this is register

can you see this is who we are

you will click OK let us click it and

see why it is good to lead us

okay as you can see this is the

registration page this is the

registration page

this is the person either in session

page okay

okay no this is email as a fancy enter

your e-mail address have the address


this is your name your first name in

Seongnam yeah now this is your last name

and their last name yeah okay this is

your little bait and tie a little bit

months and months


on the pollution code on the promotional

code you need to enter this

that's a tease

okay so under the promotion good enter

jump or on

it's it's 5 or in one word please jump

on it it's 5 already promotion good

enter John Paul it's it's 5 so that will

be good now you click this button here

this is continue click continue


as you can see it says we just need a

few more details you need to add more

detail like a username and password as

you can see here this is your username

the one that we'll be using to log into

your account okay good then this is your

password okay sorry

Jones and I must be Francisco not a stop


and this is your password

not a lot strong I don't know okay then

enter your password

yeah this is your password okay

the past the password must contain but

in the task unknown mass so this is

state select your states in my own case

it is a BIA so you need to select all

states then yeah and so your mobile

number here starting from its please

starting from eight for example

okay so

once you enter already test click this

button here

click create my account in my own case

I'm not going to click it again because

I am already very disturbed member sue

you need to click this click my account

once you click it

your country be on the processing they

might they might they might send you a

confirmation they might send you it

could to your phone to confirm your own

by number so you need to you need to get

them who who sets you and I it from

their directions through the directions

so once you once you actually all this