How to open Porsche 996/997/991 hood with a dead battery

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I'm gonna show you two ways to open your

hood or your Franck on 996 997 with a 9

91 911 or other Porsche cars I'm not

entirely sure but if you have this

little red positive hood front little

logo and your fuse box thing should be

able to open it with a dead battery

grab your pool pull that out

there's some contact on the side for

your jumper put your positive on there

obviously and then you can put your

ground either on anywhere on the body

like the door hinges or the striker it's

good ground and then you should be able

to use your button you have enough power

to do that it's not necessarily made to

jump the car so get on inside your hood

and uh you know put the jumper on the

battery but if this little button

doesn't work try the hood release on

your key too before you go crazy and

also make sure your ground is good and

the other way I mean you have to have

the whole fender off an inner fender or

whatever or at least a fender but this

little wire here it takes a good amount

of force to open it but that's also

another method if everything's dead pull

that and it'll release the Fronk