How to Open ZIP/RAR/7Z Files in Windows 10 // Easy & Free!

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hey everyone how's it going my name's

Adam repos box and welcome back to

another tutorial this is kind of a

Windows 10 tips tutorial but it also

applies to pretty much anything else

this tutorial is on how to open up zip

files RAR files dot 7z files etc and

this is specifically stemming from my

tutorial on how to emulate game boy

bands gamed someone's like okay well I

downloaded the ROM for example I

downloaded from mu paradise Pokemon

emerald and it's in a zip file instead

of a GBA file well a zip file is simply

an archive it is just basically a sealed

up version of the file to keep it from

corrupting to keep it from taking up as

much space as much space every now and

then zip files and seven zip files and

things like that can compare it's it's

considered file compression so it can

actually make the file smaller and it

keeps them from being corrupted quite as

much and you can password protect it and

things like that and like I said it does

come in a few different formats there's

zip there's dot rar there's dot 7z like

for this music file I have here and they

all open up pretty much the same way and

the program I'm going to point you

towards to use for this is called 7-zip

and you get it from 7-zip org not 7-zip

com that is a malware site but I will

post a link to it in the description

below just go to that link and download

the Installer if you have 32-bit or

64-bit pick that one and if you don't

know which one to pick just pick 32-bit

and you'll be okay now by default your

once you install it your computer may

still not open it up in 7-zip where your

what you're going to want to do is find

your zip file right click it go to

properties and then where it says opens

with it might just say Windows Explorer

or some other program click Change and

for the first time that you do this

7-zip file manager may not show up click

more apps if it doesn't show up in this

list either then go to look for another

app on this PC if you downloaded the

32-bit it may be in Program Files x86 if

you have that folder but if you download

64-bit it will just be in Program Files

7-zip and you want the 7-zip FM exe

that's 7-zip file manager that'll be

what actually opens up your file 7z G

will not work you want 7zf

Exe double-click it or click OK and then

click apply and ok and then every time

you open up double click a zip file it

will open up in 7-zip and here you have

the GBA file now from this point you can

either drag it out into a folder to

extract it or you can specifically click

extract and tell it where to go

also if you know you know that there's

only one file in there or what have you

you can right-click it go to 7-zip and

do a couple things with that and you can

also use this program to create zip

7-zip rar etc or archives to store your

files in so pretty useful to tool

totally open source totally free very

strong project that gets very very a

project that gets my very strong

recommendation highly recommend you

check it out link to it will be in the

description below thank you so much for

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