How to Install 7-ZIP for Extracting Archived Files! (2020)

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during this video I will be addressing

one of the biggest issues people have

with my modding tutorials here on the

channel and that being related to seven

set a lot of people have troubles

knowing which version to download for

their system as well as getting it set

up correctly after the fact so to start

off you want to go to with 7-zip dot-org

seven - zip org it'll be linked down in

the description below at the top of the

7-zip Touareg website will be the most

updated and stable version of 7-zip

which currently at the time of making

this video is 7-zip 19.0 there are two

different versions that you can download

one being a 32-bit x86 and the other

being a 64-bit x64 now in order to

double check that you can go ahead and

use the 64-bit version all you want to

do is go to your Windows search bar and

type in system information it should

automatically pop up and you can go

ahead and just click on it on this page

you should see something that says

system type and it should say either x64

x86 based pc so now that we have figured

out that we're running a 64-bit system

let's go ahead and click the download

hyperlink and seen on screen and that

will ask us to save it to somewhere on

our PC we can go ahead and just save it

right to our downloads folder so that is

is easy to find once it is downloaded we

can go ahead and open up our downloads

folder and just simply double click on

the executable for the 7-zip installer

this will ask us if we want to allow the

unknown publisher to make changes to the

device just go ahead and click yes and

it will ask you where you want the

destination folder please just leave

this destination folder as is do not

touch it it will automatically install

it to the program files as it should

install it we'll go ahead and go through

the installation process it should only

take a couple of seconds and once it

says 7-zip is installed you can go ahead

and click close in theory you should be

able to right click on files such as dot

7z and you should see something along

the lines of 7-zip and it will give you

plenty of options such as open archive

extract files extract here extract too

and plenty more offer if you do not see

that menu when you right-click I will

show you

fix that go to your windows search and

type in 7-zip and something along the

lines of 7-zip file manager should pop

up go ahead and open that and that will

open up the file manager itself we want

to go ahead and click tools go to

options click on the 7-zip tab and that

will bring us the options that we're

looking for as we can see we have

integrate 7-zip to shell context menu

and integrate 7-zip to shell context

menu 32-bit you want to make sure that

both of these are checked off make sure

they're checked hit apply hit OK close

off and you're good to go

7-zip should now show up in the context

menu so right click go to 7-zip and we

can choose open archive for an example

or we can go ahead and right click go

7-zip and go to extract 2 and that will

extract that archive into a folder like

so it's that simple I hope you got

something out of this video if you did

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