How to extract your games for emulators using 7-zip

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what's up guys if she cares you will

game her back with another video and

this is gonna be a fairly quick video

I've been getting some comments from you

guys saying that when you're downloading

roms from your favorite ROM site you go

to upload them into the emulator to play

the game and the game doesn't load well

it's probably because you forgot to

extract the file well maybe you just

don't know you need to extract the file

before you can play the game well that's

what I'm here today to show you guys is

how to extract your file before loading

it into the emulator and we're going to

be using my favorite extractive which is

7-zip let's jump into it alright here we

are at 7-zip or link to this website is

in the description below now if we look

at the top we got to download versions

for Windows we have a 32-bit and a

64-bit now I'm assuming since this 2020

everybody's system is up to date and

running 64-bit but just in case you have

older software they got you covered they

got a 32-bit download but I'm gonna

download 64-bit so I'm gonna click on

download and let's come down here and

click on save open folder we can exit

out of this screen and let's drag our

7-zip file to the desktop X out I have a

ROM that I've already downloaded from my

favorite rom site I'm gonna drag that

over here for you guys and that game is

bully for PlayStation 2 so that means

we're going to be using

pcsx2 PlayStation 2 emulator now if we

right-click on the bully file and go to

properties as you guys can see the type

of file is a seven-step file and that's

a problem this type of file we're not

opening the emulator so we have to

extract it so just to prove to you guys

that just 7-zip file will not load let's

go up to see DVD ISO selector let's

browse let's go to the desktop and as

you guys can see that bully file is not

visible cancel so let's make that bully

file visible and playable so what we

want to do is want to go back to the

bully 7-zip file right-click it and look

for 7z

and then you want to go to extract here

then the bigger the game is the longer

this is gonna take so let's let it do

its thing so that took about two minutes

to extract but as you can see we have

our extracted file so let's right-click

on that let's go to properties and this

is what you want to see type of file

this image file and in parenthesis it

says I so that's what you want you guys

want an ISO file click OK so we no

longer need the 7-zip file so we can

right click and delete it now let's see

what pcsx2 locate the bully iso file

from our desktop so let's go back up the

see DVD ISO selector browse go back to

your desktop and there it is bully USA

this image file we're good to go click

on it click open go up the system and

reboot and the game should load up no

problem and there we go now guys I know

I showed you a ps2 ROM but this works

the same across the board it don't

matter if it's a Super Nintendo ROM Sega

Genesis ROM Dreamcast ROM they all work

the same they all need to be extracted

and as you can see it's super easy so

guys that's how you extract your roms

after you download them pretty easy and

quick just like this video make sure to

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and I'll catch you guys in the next one