Best File Compressor For Android! - How To Open 7z Files On Android? - Extract 7zip Using ZArchiver

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now you might have heard of compressing

files in zip or rar format but you can

actually achieve more compression by

using the 7z format here is a quick

comparison of a file I try to compress

in different compression formats the

original size of the file was 344

kilobytes using the zip compression

format I was able to achieve as a

compressed size of 308 kilobytes with

rar it was at 307 kilobytes while with

7-zip it was the lowest at 305 kilobytes

if you want to open 7-zip format files

or you want to compress files using the

7-zip compression you'll need to install

an app which will let you do that

the one I recommend is called Zee

archiver and it's available for free on

the Google Play Store and here is how

you can compress files using the

archiver you open the app and locate

whichever folder the file is in so mine

was already in downloads I'm gonna go

back and then I'll just have to tap on

the file and then you get this menu and

I'm gonna select compress here this will

give me a variety of options the first

fill here refers to what you want your

compressed file to be called and I'm

gonna keep it same here

however if you want you can always

change it the second field is the

archive format and you need to make sure

that you have set it to 7z if you want

it to be compressed in the 7-zip format

and you can always change the

compression level if you have really

large files you can go with ultra

however it will take a little bit more

time for it to compress or uncompressed

that file you can choose how you want

your encryption to be done as well so

right now it's set to data however you

can always opt for data and filenames to

be encrypted and then you can set a

password as well if you want

once you're done setting that up just

select ok how do you have your


file in 7-zip format if you want to open

a compressed file all you have to do is

just tap on the file and you'll get the

menu where you need to select view if

you want to view the contents of the

file you can always tap on it once more

which will let you open the file or you

have the option to extract the file as

well I'm going to demonstrate to you how

to open the file and then it will give

you the option to select whichever

software you want to open it with so

let's try the drive PDF viewer and see

if it works and I have the PDF file now

opened directly from the 7-zip archive

file now going back if I want to let's

say extract the file I just have to tap

again and instead of viewing I can do

extract here I can do extract to the

archive folder or I can extract to a

different location as well if you want

to test you can always test the

integrity by just selecting it and it

says archive does not contain any errors

I hope you find this video useful if you

have any kind of questions sorry if you

have any other compression utility that

works better do let me know through

comments thank you for watching this

video bye