The Ultimate Guide to CHAKRAS | How to Unblock For Full 7 CHAKRA Energy! (POWERFUL!)

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are they called chakras or chakras

doesn't really matter whichever you

prefer i've heard them called both but

in this video

we are going to light you the heck

on fire i mean metaphysically of course

we're going to talk about how do you


energy feel self-aware feel confident


integrated using an ancient system

known as the bro science guide to

chakras we're going to have some fun

whether you're an expert at chakras you

know all about them or if it's your

first time i want to make this video

accessible to everyone

so you will definitely get something

from it i'll switch to the steadicam and

give you a quick

overview of each one of these in this

video now

we're going to go through what the

chakra is used for then we're going to

go over the location of it

in your body we're going to go over what

emotion that corresponds to you

and why this matters what happens if it

is balanced

in you what you can experience or expect

to experience

and some signs that it's not balanced

much easier to throw these off balance

than you would think and if any one of

these are not balanced you're going to

experience problems and this video might

show you why

let me first give you an analogy because

you're like what are chakras

why even bother with this well it's kind

of like an engine in a car

that's the easiest way to understand it

right what happens if one of those

pieces of the engine

is out of balance well the other ones

have to work hard to make the engine

run and then the car can have problems

like my 1965 mustang right now it's

getting like seven thousand dollars in


you can tell it's not really bothering

me my point is that when all the pieces

of the engine

work together that's how the car moves

and in motion that's energy so it's the

same thing with you when all the centers


all these chakras right here your energy

is flowing and you

perform well but if any one of these

seven that we're going to go over or out

of balance

can throw the whole thing off and you

stay stuck i was talking to one of my

mentors paul check who i really respect

sounds like i'm giving him a rap shout

out paul check i really respect

promise to never do that again he said

something that absolutely blew my mind

i mentioned that there were seven main

chakra centers now depending on who you

go to there can be eight to 32

micro ones around your body not

important what is important is the seven

well how many colors are in the rainbow

seven you're like that's not really

mind-blowing clark well here's what is

if you've watched our videos you know

that musical notes and everything

vibrates at a frequency right when you

vibrate the notes

times the speed of light you get a color

and if you know anything about music or

harmonics in the scale doraemi fasolati


that's eight right there do re mi faso

la ti that's seven so multiply each one

of those by the speed of light and you

will get what do you think

red orange yellow green blue

indigo violet that's called the light

sound bridge

i love the synchronicities of life i

geek out on all that stuff and i think

that that one thing just

blew my mind we're starting from the

root up baby because if your foundation

ain't there

doesn't really matter coming in at

number seven you got the root chakra

okay just like that musical scale i went

over do remy fasolati

do it's at the root this is about your

first three vertebrae

in your spine so it's at the very very

root its purpose

is survival okay this is the energy

center associated with survival so very

basic needs things like

water safety shelter food hunger

anything that threatens your survival is

down at the root chakra this is where

it's affected

if you know anything about abraham

maslow one of the godfathers of positive


he had the hierarchy of needs i've

showed you that on this channel before

and it's very similar to chakra systems

just more western and people accept it

because these can be a little woo but at

the bottom of his

is survival needs these emotions that if

these aren't met doesn't matter you

can't ascend up if it's balanced you're

going to have a lot of peace

with your future you're going to feel

grounded most of us if you're in a first

world country you don't really worry

about this too much

extreme trauma and life circumstances

threaten this

and if it's not balanced you'll have

some of this overactive

is greed or material possessions being

obsessed with that stuff for the wrong

reason so if you want to make money

there's nothing wrong with that you can

be rich you can be spiritual at the same


money is energy money is spiritual in my

opinion but if you're over

identified with material stuff and

you're greedy at all costs

that's a big red flag pun intended


that's coming from over excess need for

survival for resources you're hoarding

it makes sense

how do you fix this what are some things

well i'm not this video isn't going to

geek out on how to go through each one

that would just be too long and no one

wants to watch that

for all of these it's worth mentioning

there are crystals that help with these

if you believe that or not there's sound

therapy so different frequencies you

listen to like i mentioned the light

sound bridge right you can listen to

those there's checking in and

identifying where your problems are with

these chakras and doing that

there's reiki healing one of the things

to get really good

and grounded is going outside and

stepping your bare

feet on the grass when you do this

you're getting the negative ions from

the earth and it's going to remove

positive charged particles from you

inside which a lot of the toxins and

poisoning and heavy metals they have a

positive charge and so it'll act like a

magnet and just

suck it right out pretty cool moving on

right here we got

orange fun fact in college i was a male

cheerleader and we were the orange men

we'd wear these prison jumpsuits and

we'd run around at the basketball games

it was a private college so

we were the rowdy frat boy orange men

this is associated with sexuality and

after just telling you

that story you might be questioning mine

it's located around your navel and this

is called the sacral chakra okay it's

associated with sexual energy and your


passion joy positive association with

sex good sex life this stuff is a


uh sacral chakra now i know the dudes

out there you're like oh i got a super

balanced one man he said that like i'm

all there not so fast because a lot of

times too much emphasis on sex or sexual


can actually show an imbalance either

not enough for too much so low libido

or overactive can be an imbalance here

in this chakra another sign of it not

being balanced if you have a lot of


or guilt around sex or if you watch porn

and it doesn't make you feel good look

i'm not

telling you what to do you can do

whatever you want we're all functioning

adults i don't care what you do in the

bedroom to each their own i'm not going

to judge

but just check in there if you are

watching a lot of porn that's going to


this sacral chakra because no one like

watches that and then after is like

i'm crushing it i feel awesome about

myself right it's a very

low vibrational state that'll suck you

down and that's the real trap of it god

isn't going to kill you for touching

your genitals

your hands aren't going to grow hair on

them the real downside is what you do to


and that's the aftermath which is the

guilt and shame that come with it make


next up we got your solar plexus man

this is uh located right here in my

six-pack girlfriend says the only

six-pack i have is a pack of mick lobes

at night it's not beach season yet in

arizona so i got an excuse

the emotion your solar plexus are

associated with are

wisdom okay think about that you know i

told you digestion all that stuff but

what's right here besides my adonis

physique my eyes are up here okay

your gut and what do they call something

when you're trying to get really


you know you should trust your gut you

got to listen to your gut instinct gut

instincts are

so powerful because that's your inner

wisdom right there and you know i was

reading this book that's

not the easiest thing to read unless you

like csi and

svu and all those shows called the gift

of fear and it's all about

gut instincts and how powerful fear is

when you listen to it at your gut that

there's accounts of women

who in the book they open the door for a

stranger coming into their apartment

building and they're like this doesn't

seem right i don't like

something fishy about this dude i

shouldn't get in the elevator with that


but they do it out of politeness and

wanting to not offend people

and then they end up being like some

serial murderer and they have to like

run across the other room hide and then

make a mad dash out the door and escape

for their life

gut instincts so powerful there's also a

gut brain connection

you are more bacteria than cells in your

body billions if not

trillions of little microbes functioning

in there that absorb all the nutrients

and feed it to your brain they can also

have hormones in your gut you know most

your serotonin the feel good happy

hormone it's not produced

in your noggin right here it's produced

in your gut 90

of it isn't that fascinating so before i

get ransom and raven about the gut and

turn this into a nutrition video

purpose self-worth if your solar plexus

are balanced that chakra you're gonna

have a lot of self-worth you're gonna

feel on purpose for things if it's

out of balance you're gonna have a lot

of judgment towards people

if you constantly find yourself

gossiping or complaining or like

someone comes up online on social media

right you just judge them and you go to

their profile and

you know you stalk them like why are

they doing this not that i've ever done

that right

i'm sure you haven't either right but

that comes from this being

disaligned and lastly if you have a them

versus me

vibe with people like you're in a group

and it's like all of them are out to get

me or everyone's talking about me or

it's them and they all hate me and you

get in your head about that

that's an imbalance here in your solar

plexus one quick tip

on how to realign this deep

breathing diaphragmatic breathing so

where your belly comes out

and it goes back in and we have a breath

work exercise video on here

that's fantastic i walk you through

three sets of breath work that i got

personally from wim hof he taught me how

to do it

and i'm showing you there's also some

ayurvedic breathing in there as well

and call it whatever you want doesn't

matter it works so if you want to get

high on your own supply

that breath work video watch it after

this try it for 10 minutes

it's free to do you don't have to do

anything but sit there and breathe what

do you have to lose

and that will knock you off your rocker

let's talk about your

heart chakra right here in the middle of

your chest now notice something

it is green it is not red it is not pink

the associations with your heart it's


much like nature is green the heart of

life everything right

ray kroc founder of mcdonald's said that

when you're green you're growing

and when you're ripe you start to rot so

you never want to stop growing you never

want to stop being green

function is to regulate all emotions

okay so all your emotional centers will

come from your heart chakra your heart

center some signs if it's balanced

these are love for yourself so if you

love yourself

that's a good sign that it's balanced

and then naturally that'll extend out to

love of

all so if you love the people around you

if you're a very loving and caregiving


good sign you're in balance if your

heart chakra is blocked you will have


daddy issues i'm just kidding maybe

you're gonna have relationship issues

okay because again your relationship

with everyone starts with yourself and

if you don't love yourself how can you

love someone else

i was geeking out on osho the cult

leader but he had some very great ideas

that influenced me and my thinking

he says there's three kinds of

relationships dependence and

codependence these are what most people

are in one person's dependent on the

other person the other person's like ah

you're smothering me

codependence is where both people are

like that but then the third one which

is healthy is interdependence where

you're both self-full

enough that you come together and you

become three instead of just two because

you have a relationship there together

that's stronger and that's the reason

you're coming together in the first


i will note here that uh some good


to increase this if you don't have a

relationship you're like i'm

so lonely oh my god petting animals can

be great for this

taking care of something that's you know

yours or not yours children younger

brother younger sister

niece nephew that's a great way to heal

this as well

next up we got blue da dee da da we're

going with the throat

chakra obviously right here there's a

new neck

and it's use is for communication

because it's coming from the throat

vocal cords obvious speak your authentic


that's a good version that's balanced

when you feel like you're

expressing yourself good and you're

speaking up for yourself and you can

agree and disagree in a conversation

respectfully right and just speak from

your core great example of when this is

balanced now

it's out of balance if you got secrets

or silence or violence okay so if you

feel like you're keeping secrets

or you can't speak up or you have to

hold your tongue around people

maybe at work i just gotta remain quiet

around that person i can't stand on that


becky she always does that frickin becky

i will say if you're a good communicator

that does not always mean that this is

in balance

just ask my girlfriend she might say

that my throat chakra is a little


you got any exercises to close that

thing silence and violence is

something that i want to underscore for

you i got this from crucial


great book if you struggle with

communication especially with


communication um it's all about how

there's two extremes okay

when people get in a crucial

conversation where the stakes are high

results matter and opinions vary those

are the three things from it

you go to one or two extremes okay so

some people they go into violence mode

they feel challenged you see this a lot

in politics when people are discussing

on the internet

and they just start lashing out well i

bet you blah blah blah fill in the blank


they're violent with it they're like ah

because when people feel attacked with

their beliefs

they feel attacked until they respond

with violence silence is the other

opposite this is where i tend to be

believe it or not in conversations or

when things come up i like go

into myself i withdraw i don't say

anything i have a hard time expressing


my you know i can talk right now and

sound articulate or like a

you know halfway there but man if i'm in

a conversation where we're having a

serious talk like i have a hard time

expressing myself

and i get two in my head because i'm

afraid to express it and that's a

silence extreme right there okay so if

you have either of those

that comes back to the throat chakra but

most of the time

people if it goes back to speaking your

truth and feeling like you can voice

your opinions and that you

matter next up we got your third

eye right here okay this is located

between your eyes as you can see by my

elementary drawing right there i'll

actually pull a little weatherman and

move over here today we got 1020 degrees

in scottsdale arizona what a surprise

this is associated with inner wisdom


you're it's balanced if you can connect

with your higher self or you feel like

you have a soul inside that's guiding

you if you feel like you're getting

guidance from your higher self

good sign right there if you have a lot

of self doubts and you're

unsure about what you believe or you

feel like things are in a flux

you feel like you're learning and the

more you learn the more you realize you

don't learn and

what does this all mean anyways you know

i don't have any purpose

i feel depressed and lost in life okay

this is associated with

your third eye and a lot of times

the thing my message for this channel

you know last night

actually it was this morning i woke up

at 4am i couldn't sleep i was so on fire

to make videos for you

and we're talking about a lot of

different ideas and i feel like it's

authentic it's coming from my higher

self it's coming from

a place where i can't even describe it

and so i journaled like one of the main

things i want to give is that there's

nothing to give that you already have it

within you you're already enough and

learning isn't about the new thing the

new tactic the new guru who's going to

give you the plan

here's how to live a fulfilled life as

much as it is reconnecting with your

inner knowledge and what you already


long-winded way of saying i'm trying to

show you how to be more of

you not more of me not more of anyone

else out there

and one of my big pet peeves in the

spirituality space the deeper i get and


from a business marketing standpoint i

watch some of the gurus who have a

million subscribers

it's like they're positioning themselves

like i have some secret knowledge

that if you follow everything i say

maybe you'll be enlightened and anyone

who does that

bragging that they've been to the

himalayas they play into like this


guru is that really authentic who knows

maybe it is

i can just see through that and call bs

immediately once i know marketing

and that that is marketing to this idea

that people have these cliches

of what a guru or what advice people are

supposed to present themselves as

i'm trying to say it's fake it's fake f

and if you get

real laugh you're going to be way

freaking happier you're going to be

happy ass

and that's my whole mission on this

channel with you and and hopefully i

mean smash that like button if you agree

all right preach

but that's my whole mission is i want to

make you more of you not more of other

people not a carbon copy of anyone else

and once you do that you will be happier

and that is the entire

secret last and certainly not least

you have your crown chakra this is


this is the top of the head right your

third eye's right here

crowns a little bit above that and it's

important to note here when you see

angels depicted or jesus put it depicted

in scriptures and drawings and stuff

what do you always notice you notice a

halo almost like this crown

floating above them this light glowing

from their head enlightened beings

right it's very interesting to note

there maybe that's referring to the

crown chakra right there

because this is associated with


when you're more spiritual you realize

that we're all connected and what hurts

other people or isn't good for other


isn't good for yourself this is not a

zero-sum game for someone to

for you to win doesn't mean someone else

has to lose we can all win together and

if anything if other people are losing

that means that we're all losing

okay because we're a consciousness on

the planet like i showed you in those

cia docs which is a great video you can

geek out on

when you're disconnected from this you

experience intense

isolation okay if you feel like it's a

i'm a lone wolf

you know earth is a lonely place i feel

isolated i feel alone well that's not

connected to the global consciousness

one point i want to illustrate now that

we have these chakras up here

remember at the beginning of this video

i gave you this light sound bridge

right i gave the engine analogy one

other analogy that osho says

in his writings you can tell i've been

geeking out on that stuff notice that

there's seven cycles here okay

and as you get older these start to


and osho says that we have a seven year

cycle that we go through

and then we're essentially reborn and

what's crazy and i get goosebumps

is that if you look at cellular biology

right your cells are always turning over

they're going through autophagy they're

catalyzing themselves and then the

new ones pop up well they say that about

every seven years your entire body has

essentially replenished itself

all your cells have made you into a new

being essentially right they've renewed


and the only reason you're still the

same and not liquidizing and falling

apart like some jellyfish

it's because you've got dna structure

you have memory within those cells so

every seven years

you go through a stage zero to seven

you're focused on survival right

that's what osho says he says it's all

about you you're

just trying to survive you can't survive

without a nurturing mother

right because they have to feed you

we're like one of the only animals where

we can't

walk out of the womb right we have to we

can't even crawl

we're very dependent then 7 to 14.

you're getting more into this this is

when you go through puberty

things start to develop 14 to 21 you're

getting into

wisdom what do i actually believe you

develop this sense of i

these teenage years isn't this cool and

then your heart right here regulating


when you're 21 to 28 you normally get

married a lot of people do

you get in relationships you find out

what you want 28 to whatever the heck

plus 7 is i failed elementary math

communication that's normally when

you're in a corporate career right and

you're moving up

30s and 40s later on you see people

getting wise they go

okay now that i've developed what about

us as a whole

that's why you see wise elders so i love

that seven year cycle that correlates to

the chakras and the patterns of life

it's really beautiful what's also


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