Instantly Awaken Your Sixth Sense and Activate Your Pineal Gland [Powerful Meditation Technique]

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finally scientific proof on your sixth

sense and we're gonna show you how to

activate your pineal gland guys this

Eric oh yeah I'm super excited for this

session because you guys have been

asking for for a long long time and

finally not only me I found an expert

who's been meditating for a god knows

how many years and for the past few

years have been teaching thousand people

how to actually do this and to activate

it instantly so a lot of you throughout

this video you'll be able to for the

first time you've you've never

experienced it before you can even

experience that as long as you keep your

mind calm we will prepare you for it and

we're gonna get into it but what I'm

gonna do I'm gonna call this guy now his

name is Danilo and he's absolute amazing

the past few years he's been like

practicing as a monk you know literally

meditating every day and in practicing

all these different modalities to

actually figure this secret out and he's

gonna also share the scientific backing

behind it for you logical minded people

just to attack that subconscious so that

you can actually get this fullest

experience and then we're gonna go into

the meditation together I'm excited I

hope you're - you are - okay so I'm

gonna do I'm gonna dial through now hey

Eric hmm how's it going here it's how

are you very good thank you um so I've

just give them a quick intro to you and

the soaps they're super excited right

now to actually dive deep into this

understand this whole Sixth Sense thing

and actually how to activate that and

the pineal gland and how it all works

and then I believe we're gonna actually

do a meditation together as alright yes

yes cool right super excited so first

off I mean I know you've had a few

videos I mean you've literally just got

onto YouTube recently with all these

secrets and I literally had the video I

think trend like 40,000 views last two

weeks ago or something isn't it yes

crazy just all on this meditation stuff

so I know

no you're definitely an expert at what

you do if you could please give them a

little background about you know $0.06

pineal gland I mean what is it for those

people who don't actually know or maybe

they think they know but give them a

little insight okay

that's sure so the interesting about

Sixth Sense is how when I was making the

video about awakening sixth sense a lot

of news about six senses started to pop

up and just last week the second paper

that they proved that we all have a

success came out from Caltech the first

paper came out in 2016 by dr. Jose

kuzmic and now the second paper the

second test they did came out once again

proving that we as humans can also send

Sixth Sense magnetic magnetic sense and

magnetic field action and all the

animals they already have it it's just

that we didn't know we had it but

ancient practices like Tai Chi Keigo and

ancient meditation techniques they all

knew we had this sense and before they

call it that could that could that also

be the reason why sometimes dogs go into

the distance or stop barking at one

direction and you don't even know what

the barking it yes exactly

they even there is even I study that

dogs can find food better when you put a

magnet on the food oh wow

then just the smell so so it's all

energy so it's still yes moving it's all

energy yes so now they have proven that

we can sense as well so actually our

brain is already sensing it it's just

that we are not aware of it and through

this meditation technique that I'm going

to share with you guys today

you'll be able to activate this success

and then start working on it and as you

start to work on it then this sense

you'll be you get stronger and you get

more familiar with it so then you start

to be able to assess other things

besides your own energetic field so

giving them a little background about

the success I mean to awaken a

I mean from from my understanding of it

is to be able to have more clarity see

more and have what that's all call this

40 or 50 yes experience of life I mean

do you have anything that you personally

experience or your you know like to you

what is the sixth sense you know yeah so

that for me personally the sixth sense

is our capacity to sense energy and when

I say energies to is the capacity to

interpret vibrations with magnetic beads

electric all the kind of vibrations we

have the capacity to interpret it and

sometimes we interpret through intuition

and but giving a how far the process of

are we can it works I usually give the

example of our five senses our brain is

you it process more than millions of a

bit of information per second but right

now we are only aware of a few dozens

for example if I tell you now to focus

on all the sounds in your surrounding or

focus on your feet yeah you feel better

you hear things that you weren't hearing

right that's right and the idea behind

it is that just because you weren't

hearing or you weren't aware of the

sounds it doesn't mean it wasn't in your

brain it's everything that way that's

right and it's the same thing with our

magnetic or energetic sense or six

senses it is already in our brain when

you're waking it basically you are more

aware of everything you're expanding

your awareness I mean this this this is

the same thing that I fell over the past

couple years where I certainly have been

able to sometimes I feel the over the

sense the energetic body of people and

be able to understand people and know

what they're going to say before they

even say it you know that that type of

hmm so that yes that's just awareness

then so it just raises that other sense

the other part so what about this link

of the pineal gland then what like how

can people understand this so once again

I'll use our five senses so it's easier

to understand

if I touch here in my arm yeah is it my

arm is that it it's sensing the the

sensation of touch or is it my brain

that's a messed up question so basically

what happens is when I touch my arm we

think that we are sensing through our

arm but actually this is the input of

information and the information is being

processed by our brain so when I touch

you some part in our greatest processing

this information and actually if you

just put the information out but even

without the arm we would feel the arm

and it's the same thing with our

energetic sense when we sense energy

even though we are sensing different

areas in our body

who's processing is our pineal gland so

when you're sensing energy and when

you're painting in your energetic sense

you're strengthening activate your

pineal gland you like if you could

measure it probably there will be some

light coming up from the blood just like

when we measure our our touch and some

light comes on in our brain and this has

already been proven by science as well

even before our citizens in I think

these people came out in night 91 where

they made some some research about

pineal gland and magnetic fields and how

magnetic fields change how our pineal

gland works we change the the amount of

melatonin of serotonin oh all this

functionality of the pineal gland is

changed through our to magnetic fields

okay so basically the sixth sense the

area is a sense this energy and then

what happens is it processes through the

pineal gland so you will start to

activate it and as you activated other

functionalities of the pineal gland will

be more you become more aware of other

functionalities of a pioneer plant just

like as you start to focus on your under

sounds you become more aware of other

sounds and then you might have different

experiences if you if you check out the

comments of the video player there

hundreds of

different experience of people saying oh

I I saw these I had this experience I

had that silly amazing yeah so I I can

see why people are hooked to a channel

right now all this all this science

behind a lot of a lot of what I've

learnt over the years has been through

Himalayan yogi master so a lot of things

on mountain theories with this

scientific proven stuff it's just

exciting to know how to actually attack

that logical mind and understand it from

a different perspective you know so I

can see how people are hooked to your

channel I think I'm gonna be what to

have your videos as well so I before we

get into I know we're gonna get into the

meditation together now so for the first

time I'm experiencing this along with

you guys but before we get into it I

just want to say if you guys aren't

already make sure to follow the Neela's

page he has a he has an amazing amazing

channel which talks a lot about

meditation gives you all these different

ideas of it philosophies of behind aside

science behind it and it gives you these

practices while this is a guy who's a

true expert and what he does so make

sure to hit that subscribe button I'm

gonna put it his link in the description

okay so I'm ready what do I need to do


so just sit comfortably you can sit on

the chair or on the ground since we're

in that chair we can just sit there and

let's bring our hands with our palms

facing up on our leg and here with relax

our shoulders relax your body find a

posture where you feel the balance of

your body okay now you can close your

eyes and bring your awareness to your


feeling your body take a deep breath in

and breathe out


take a deep breath in once again and

relax your body completely breathe out

and now slowly bring your attention to

the back of your hand to the part of

your hand that is touching your leg feel

the sensation of touch feel the

temperature or even the weight of your

arm being sustained by this point of



take this time to completely be aware of

the sensation in the back of your head

take a deep breath in and without now

slowly bring both of your hands to your

chest level with your palms facing each

other as you can take a look just to see

how your hand should be yes and with

your shoulders relaxed

imagine a bright blue energy ball within

your hands just imagine a blue and then

you pour it in your hands and now as you

breathe in imagine this energy boy

expanding and move your hands away from

each other as if this energy ball were

expanding and as you breathe out

imagine this energy ball shrinky moving

your hands closer to each other as if

this energy balls shrink take a deep

breath in expanding this energy ball

moving your hands apart and without

shrinking this energy ball moving your

hands closer to each other keep moving

your hands together with your breath

while you visualize this bright blue

energy by expanding and shrinking


you spend


and shrink

for a few moments just keep focusing on

your hand


as a breathing move your hands away from

each other and as you pull out move your

head closer to each other

visualizing this energy ball shrink

as you keep your attention on your hands

you might feel some tingling or even

some heat in the center of your palm but

just keep focusing on the energy ball

and the move your hands together with

your breath



as a keeper attention on the energy ball

you will feel this energy within your

hands getting stronger and stronger

just stay aware of this energy syncing

the movement with our breath


now take a deep breath in and as without

gather all this energy into a small

energy ball condense all this energy

into a small energy bodied in your hands

and just feel the small dance energy

pour it in your hands

now slowly with your both hands bring

this energy ball to your chest and bring

this put this energy ball in your chest

energizing your heart feel this energy

in your arms


and from your heart feel this energy

energizing every cell in your body



I'll take a deep breath thing without

take a deep breath in once again and

with rubbing your hands now slowly open

your eyes good

I see why I see why you you so good at

this now bringing allowing the average

person to understand and feel even

energy for the first time yes

the way you do in the the patient's

taking that time allowing people to feel

it very powerful there enough so one of

the important things about feeling

energy is that through this exercise

doesn't end here through this experience

will experience how where attention goes

energy flows we are gathering energy

within our hands and it's one thing to

know this and it's completely another

thing to experience this that's why I

believe it's this experience is so

powerful it's not just about sensing

energy it's about experiencing the

universal laws and as you experience

this their belief right will be in

another level become strong you'll be

you do understand that we are all

vibration the importance of love

gratitude of your focus of all the

message that you put out in this channel

one experience can completely changed

someone and I remember that I was always

a scientific guy like no religion no


until I experienced it

that's right and I think it's one step

at a time for people as well it's like

when we practiced Chico is the same

thing you know it's at first people are

saying oh energy Bowl is like what

energy Bowl right and then and then you

say okay put your hands closer and then

okay you get a little bit of

understanding there this feels something

and then your logical mind will

challenge it and saying because it's

closed this heat there and then you

experience expanding it just a little

bit and then that increases the belief

system and then we expand it a little

bit more and you're like hey wait there

a second isset ii seems to still be

there right so it's beyond and I think

that's the thing one step at a time now

when it comes to like this whole

activation thing of the sixth sense like

how often do you think one should

practice this should this to be a daily

practice or what what are your thoughts

on that I believe it should be a daily

practice and the more you the more you

do it the more we can you become right

yes the more you'll do it you will see

that there were some days that you sense

more there be some days that are

senseless but you start to become

familiar with this sense and you start

to play around with it you start to do

things that I'd even told tell you to do

yeah like moving to other places but in

any case I am this is the first step

starting sensing energy with our hands

the second step is to start this to

sense energy with our arms and then root

our body and then awaken our sense our

gyrus how do you know that we have

chakras you should be able to sense you

looked on your channel now I think so

first off that I want to say a big thank

you thank you for taking a time out and

being on this channel thank you for

sharing your knowledge and your wisdom

as well and everybody else who's

watching this right now I just want to

say you know experience it keep

practicing it come back to the video a

few times when I experienced it a little

bit more once you can get into your own

understanding of it then you can go

silently and practice yourself also keep

expanding your awareness you can if you

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your yet but for now guys thank you


namaste to you I never say to everyone

around the world bye ciao