Improvised Bung Wrench For 55 Gallon Drums Using The Leatherman Wingman

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hey everybody can handle man here today

I'm going to do a real quick video on an

alternative method of opening up the

bungs on a 55-gallon drum when you don't

have a bung wrench because as of right

now I don't have a bung Ridge stay with


so here's my trick let me get these caps

popped off and I'll set them aside so

here's what I figured out I use these

for emergency water storage I keep two

of them in the house currently and I

think they are wonderful but this drum

came from a local restaurant where the

manager is graciously allowed me to take

a few of these this had soybean oil in

there and you want to get these rinsed

out before the oil goes rancid so you

want to get them rinsed out as soon as

possible I use dawn and warm water and I

like kind of rule these around the

backyard with the dawn and water in

there and then I'll rinse it out real

good with the hose and flush it out if

you don't do it right away the oil will

kind of turn to gel that is a real hard

to get it out so I've got to open these

bugs up that way I can clean this out so

one of my etc' everybody carry items

that I keep on me is a Leatherman

wingman I have carried this exact one

for about four years now in my pocket

carry it every day I use it pretty much

every day also it's wonderful and I

figured out just by messing around

trying to figure out how to pry these

open if they're kind of stuck this one's

nice and loose so we just tighten that

just for the purposes of this video what

I figured out is if you open this up and

stick this in there a certain way you

can actually use it to get a grip and

open up the bungs I don't know if this

works with every full-size Leatherman

but I think it might but it works for

the wingman so let me zoom in show you

exactly what I do for this technique so

if you look at the way kind of these

little teeth I don't know what you call

them these little notches or these teeth

are when I put the Leatherman in there

you want to open it up they open up

counterclockwise so I kind of put the

tip of it against one of these little

notches one of these little teeth rather

and I put the other end of it against

another one and if you push down with

your palm a little bit there you go just

opens right up for you you can see

exactly how I have it and if you need to

get more leverage I just push down with

my palm keep my hand kind of

the way in case Islip but and then you

can nice and easily open these up they

spin this around do the other one for

you so here we go counterclockwise to

loosen it there you go nice and easy and

then when you want to tighten it back up

just do the opposite so this is exactly

what I do when I use these to store my

water it's a real real easy trick

especially if you have one of these

around I think everyone should carry one

of these honestly I use it so often

thanks for watching hope you guys found

it useful if you want to get your hands

on let them in wingman like this check

out my new website at Ulm and survivor

comm go on the gear shop and I have a

link to this you can use my amazon link

if you want to help support what I do

thank you very much guys and I'll see

you soon