(picking 206) Master 4-wheel combination padlock opened - fuzzy decoding method - thanks to Ulrik

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hello and welcome in this video I want

to show you this four wheel combination

padlock from master it was sent to me by

no trick pony lock-picking and he

decoded it in one of his videos he

mentioned that it gives strange feedback

and this made me very curious I asked

whether we could trade it for something

and he was so kind to send it to me

so cool Rick thank you very much for

this luck was a was actually a challenge

for me to get it mastered the master

lock so before I show you the details of

my method I want to show you these these

locks that I've already decoded they

fall into two groups the left-hand side

type are locks with only true gates so

for example the red Able's I've decoded

in video 101 and the basic method is to

pull the shackle and pull the shackle

turn the wheels search for the binding

wheel the one that turns the hardest and

yeah try every every number and when you

get the right number it stucks or the

shackle comes out a little bit and so

you continue until it's open here I have

one with also for skates the method is

different you pull the shackle when all

are in a true or a false gate and you

test every wheel and the one that is

bound the most so which is currently

connected to the bolts of the shackle

that one that binds the most and has to

be turned to the next gate or true-false

gate and so you continue with every

wheel until it's over

I have shown this in my video 115 so get

away with that

so if this lock is is different I think

it has no false gates but yeah it

behaves very strange so let me prepare

my environment and then I will show you

how I decoded so my setup is ready

I have something to cover the lock when

I shall for the wheels to change the

combination but before I want to show

you that it tests actually no false

gates so currently all 0 is the right

combination and I close it and turn it

to 9 better now pull on the shackle I

can feel resistance for every position

the same amount of resistance until I

turn it all around and come back to 9 so

I would say it has no false gates but

nonetheless it picks very strange or

decodes very strange so I push it down

at 90 degree cover the lock and shuffle

the wheels now I make sure that every

wheel is at exactly one position release

the shackle turn it and close the lock

and shuttle the wheels again it's locked

up and I will just make sure that 0 0 0

is not the right combination anymore you

can see it's locked up alright what you

have to do in order to get this look

openness pull the shackle and turn the

rules on in a way that you search for a

wheel that gives feedback so this one

does not give feedback so it turns all

the way around without any change of

resistance here a few resistance and I

try to feel where the wheel stops

because the resistance and I turn it

back and these two end points I try to

memorize and choose something in the

middle so

just like and the area where it turns

free I choose the center and that's what

I do with every wheel and it's a little

bit of guesswork not an exact sign so to

speak but when you make this more often

so when you do some more passes or pass

then you're getting closer the number

one is not really giving nice feedback

so I'll just leave it somewhere go back

to last one turn and here it stops and

maybe here not really sure so stop and

stop show something in the middle

sometimes you need to release the

tension in the shack so that you can

start moving a wheel and for number one

I'm never sure where where it wants to

be so number two stops here and stops

tear shoot something in the middle stops

here stops there

and it's open so as I said it's not an

exact science you have to guess and have

to make multiple runs through rebuilds

but sooner or later it will open for you

and I tried many other methods so just

pulling on the shackle turning one wheel

and feeling if it makes a click or gives

feedback on your shackle so that it

comes out a little bit or that will

suddenly stucks

but doesn't work on this lock I also

tried pulling the shackle and trying to

see which wheel moves a little bit and

then turn it to yeah to make it free so

that the shackle or the little bolt on

the shackle doesn't interact with the

wheel anymore but although this does not

work so I really have to have tried a

lot of things but actually only this try

and error and and the feeling it yeah

these finding of the free area with the

to stop points actually turned out to be

a working method yeah if anyone knows

how this lock looks inside but really

appreciate to see some pictures I could

cut this lock in a destructive manner

but I don't want to destroy it but I'm

really curious to see what you

understand how it internally works all

right so thank you very much for this

great decoding experience and everybody

else thanks for watching and happy

picking and decoding bye bye