Hack a Bike Lock Combination! Forgot bike lock combo? Lost Combination? Here is how to solve it

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all right we have a bike walk here this

is a bell bike lock this is just a cheap

one you find like a Walmart but we've

had this for a couple years and haven't

remembered the combination so I

shouldn't float around so if you kind of

determined to figure out how to get the

combination so after reading a few tips

this is kind of how we've been able to

solve the code so if you see here we're

just gonna line it up all at once so the

lock pulls out of this end here

so we're gonna start here on the left

side we're going to line them up all at

one and if you see here when we get the

when when you have the there can be some

separation between the numbers so see

here if I'm pulling the block out

there's a look there can be a slight gap

between the numbers so what I'm gonna do

is I want to see that I want to see a

gap happen to the right of the number

I'm trying to solve so this first one if

I see if I pull one there's no gap okay

if we try to no gap there three no gap

you want to make sure you're pulling

from the here you're not pulling the

cable this won't pull it out you wanna

make sure you're pulling right here

right at four there's a little bit of it

there's a little bit of a movement in

there I'm gonna try let's go back to

five five not really that shouldn't be

on the left so I think the best one we

had was four okay so let's just we're

gonna leave it at for work that seemed

to be the best so we're gonna do the

same thing here we're gonna look for the

gap here on the right of it on the right

of the number we're looking at so

there's no gap there mm-hmm a little on

the - let's see if there's a better gap

and before now no movement there 5:5

that looks like it opens up open just a

little bit there just a slight slight

let's try six lost thanks five was the

best bet there so okay there wouldn't be

a separation here because if this is

correct if this is correct then it would

it wouldn't put any pressure on this one

so let's do this third dial here is I'm

gonna start here one okay we think we

have the first two four five so now

we're gonna try now we're trying to find

the third combination remember we're

looking to the right the gap to the

right of the number that we're trying to

figure out so the one that doesn't show

any separation the two none the reason

there's none for oh there it is there so

you can see right right there you can

see it separating so I think it that

might yeah so now we know it's not four

or five five one oh four or five five oh

that was it right there four five five

two that was the combination so so we're

able to just to be able to tell so see

how these these the teeth on these are

pulling against the number so when you

have a correct number it's pulling to

the to the right of the number you have

correct so this was a way that we were

able to help figure out the combination

on this lock maybe this will be helpful

for you if you have a similar lock

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