How To Open Your Third Eye

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hello my name is Anne Shulman I'm a

psychic clairvoyant tarot reader I also

work as a past life regression Asst and

I teach spiritual development and

meditation and today I'm going to tell

you how you can work with your psychic

clairvoyance and develop it in this

video I am going to tell you how you can

open your third eye the third eye is

situated here on the forehead it is

known as a brow chakra and this is the

third eye that we get all our

information all our intuition from it's

like a normal eye but often we don't use

it because obviously it's not visible to

everybody but we do need to know how to

open it if we're going to work in

development and spiritual work there's a

very simple method of doing this you

just need to sit yourself comfortably

and close your eyes your two eyes and

allow your third eye to be your focus in

the center of your forehead just

visualize that in your the center of

your forehead you have an eye that's

closed the eyelid is firmly closed but

let yourself feel that sensation of

having something in the center of your

forehead visualize now that you are

opening an eyelid in the middle of your

forehead gradually and slowly open this

in your mind's eye because if you open

it too quickly it will seem a little bit

bright and it will seem a little bit of

a shock and ajar to your system

so begin to open that eyelid very

carefully in your mind's eye and see

this eyelid opening right up from the

center of your forehead there is a

beautiful indigo blue light that shines

out into the room this is from your

third eye you may feel afterwards for a

few days that there's pressure in the

center of your forehead and that is

because you're just getting used to that

being open you can either decide to

leave it open or if you really want to

you can close it down after you've done

your spiritual work and that is how you

open your third eye