Instantly Open Your Third Eye and Activate Your Pineal Gland (Technique and Meditation)

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welcome back to another video my name is

Erin and I help people expand their

consciousness now in this video I'll be

sharing with you how to instantly open

your third eye and a powerful technique

and exercise for doing so

now with this process and the way that I

explain it is a little bit different

than the way that you might hear it on

other channels and that is because I

like to explain it in a much more

practical and relatable sense so that we

can really apply it from a point of an

experience now with this the way that I

explain it is that we normally see

through our two eyes we have a left eye

we have a right eye and when we look

through our eyes we are seeing duality

because we are seeing the polarization

we are seeing the left and the right or

through the left and the right and the

idea is that in order to see through our

third eye we must transcend duality we

must transcend being attached to the

beliefs that we have through what we see

through our eyes in order to then get to

a higher level of perception now in

order to do this I explain in Prior

videos that what we do is we see from a

point of observation a point of

neutrality and that allows us to detach

from the beliefs that we have and

through what we see through that duality

now I'm gonna take this video a step

further and really share with you the

missing key to so many of these

techniques and that's making this a

complete holistic process now what I

mean by this and what I want to share

with you is from what is called the

heart math Institute which involves

understanding the electromagnetic power

of the heart now a lot of times the all

the focus is on the mental aspects of it

of using and putting the focus on the

third eye but what I want to do with

this video and what you can give you

instant results is being able to put the

attention on connecting the heart to the

head now the reason this is

is because they've shown that the

electromagnetic energy of the heart is

thousands of times more powerful than

that of the head so when many people are

going about this process they're only

using the mental side of it but if you

were to apply the connection from the

heart it makes it so much more powerful

now in order to do this what you can do

is you can simply sit down and

cross-legged position

or however if you feel comfortable and

what you can do is put the awareness on

feeling inside of your heart and what

you want to do is you want to magnify

that feeling if you have to put your

hands over your heart you can but you

want to feel from your heart center now

the next step is being able to imagine

using visualization and feeling imagine

it connecting going up your neck going

through the back of your head and going

all the way to your third eye area which

is right in between above your eyes so

it'd be right about here what you want

to do is then focus on feeling and

connecting that through visualization

and also having the intention of

connecting that and as you begin to

breathe into it and then you close your

eyes and you look up that was what I

explained in another video that's a

technique that's been around for

thousands of years is close your eyes

bring your eyes up almost as if you are

looking at your third eye area and as

you do that and you put the attention

there you will start to find that your

thinking goes away the habitual thoughts

that you are thinking and it allows you

to then get to a much more present state

now the key to this is that as you begin

doing it you are moving the feeling the

electromagnetic energy of the heart and

you are combining it to then become much

more powerful and then as it moves up

and you connect it to your third eye

area that's where you will begin to see

results now also realize the power of an

intention with our body so you could use

the water experience by dr. Masaru Emoto

where he talks about and he showed

before he passed away the power of

putting intention

over water molecules and how when they

crystallize it

they look different from the water

molecules of saying I love you or

thinking that while you're looking at

the water or I hate you or putting

heavy-metal music around the water how

that changes the composition and the

crystallization of it now understand

that your body is over 70% water so

think about the power of the intention

that you put within yourself and how you

can direct that using visualization so

that's the power of this video is

understanding that you can connect it

with the power of your heart simply

allow that to move through your neck to

move through your head

connect it to your third eye move your

eyes look up and as you focus on your

breathing and you do that you will begin

to see results you will begin to

transcend the dualistic thinking the

dualistic nature and it will then give

you an extra ability to see beyond the

physical so with that being said I hope

you guys enjoyed this video feel free to

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subscribe if you haven't already and I

will see you guys on the next vid peace

much love namaste

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