How to convert .3MF into .STL for 3D Printing (work around)

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well guys the time has finally come the

sad day when the cloud net fad service

stops working so earlier last month net

Feb got acquired by Autodesk which means

net Feb basic and the net fab cloud

service disappeared forever but what are

your options now to repair your files

for 3d printing indeed even when we had

access to net fab basic it does two work

if you downloaded it before it

disappeared but neither net that basic

doesn't stitch shells together for

adequate 3d printing repairs so does

basic stuff as it implied but never did

the full thing which is why I always

recommended the cloud net tab service

which is now gone but we now have this

this is the Microsoft tools 3d online

file fixing service and this will fix

your STL files but when you download

them again they download as a dot 3mf

not a dot STL which is confusing a lot

of people because it's difficult to get

that file into most 3d printing slices

most of them would just completely

ignore it so in this video I'm going to

update all my previous videos by showing

you how to use the new cloud service to

properly fix your files and then how to

convert your dot 3mf back into STL using

mesh mixer of course let's get started

all right so for demonstration purposes

I have this file here it's three spheres

that are intersecting each other so this

is three shells although it can be

exported as a single mesh file so for

example you might let us into your

slicer and some may work but a lot will

throw up errors because of the

intersecting faces and I'm going to show

that here by separating shells and

there's three shells but anyway let's

combine them again and I'm gonna export

this as an STL export three shows

alright so now I'm going to upload it to

the tools 3d cloud fixing service for

Microsoft again if you typed in netfabb

as your websites it will just redirect

to this so this is all we've got now to

work with I'm using a Windows 7 PC I'm

not going to even look at the 3d builder

in Windows 10 not in this video because

that's not where we really care about so

I'm gonna upload my file three shells

it's going to upload to their cloud

service and then it's going to fix my

file and then it's going to let me

download it again and here we have the

file ready to download after it's being

fixed so it's now called three shells

repaired dot 3m F and just to

demonstrate why we need to go through

the extra steps to convert I'm going to

try to open up this file within simplify

3d so go to D download and you can see

it recognizes STL zero B J's all files

dot three MF and yeah no chance so as it

stands simplify to D can't understand

dot three em f's and most other slicing

engines can't so we're gonna have to do

our conversion so a fire up meshmixer

and i'm going to go to import and select

our three shells repair dot 3mf so mesh

mixer does completely understand this

format which is fantastic and this is

our repaired file from the online

Metro's Microsoft cloud service so if we

go to edit and separate shells no shells

found and if we go to plain cut cut

through except that's what we want so

it's a fully manifold mesh that's water

tight with no intersecting faces

awesome and now we just need to explore

it so file export and we can select STL

so there we go

STL binary format and then three shells

fixed let's explore that and now

simplify 2d understands what the file

format is because it's an STL open it up

and there we have it so this is just a

really quick video guys to show you the

stopgap that I've come up with

now that the netfabb cloud service might

beloved netfabb cloud service has

disappeared basically you can keep using

the tools 3d version you just need to be

able to convert your dot 3mf to a dot

STL for slicing and i just like to use

mesh because of that so thanks for

watching guys hope you found this video

very useful here and make some usability

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me out a huge amount and I always like

bringing you this sort of tips and

tricks and also trying to stay up to

date with these ever-evolving tools and

look forward to seeing again very

shortly here in make some use catch

other guys bye