Nintendo 3DS Disassembly

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okay well hello today in this video I'm

going to show you how to take apart in a

Tendo 3ds this is the original Nintendo

3ds is not the 3ds XL or the new 3ds but

it's the original model and I'm going to

show you how to take it completely apart

maybe you want to take it apart for

maybe nice need to replace something

like the top screen or the bottom screen

or mix-match parts together for some

reason or clean the shoulder buttons

which is a common issue so anyways I'm

going to show you got to take apart and

in another video I'm going to show you

how to put it all back together again so

okay and this one works sort of but I

know this one has some issue but I'm not

going to worry too much about it I mean

if you're going to take apart your 3ds

it's a good idea to have one try find

one that's broken or this one I got eBay

or maybe only for broken ones they go

about thirty dollars it's hard to find

anything cheaper than that right now but

it's good idea to practice on one that's

already broken so anyway so let's do it

all you're going to need is a small

screwdriver here I have a sentiment what

size this is it's a small one

Phillips head and it's really all you

need but I also have other tools like a

small flathead which I use to pry up

certain parts and then tweezers could be

useful in some cases

I rarely used to

sirs but it's good to have just in case

so we're going to do to begin with is

take off the back panel here and there's

just four screws here that we loosen

they don't come off the screws are

actually attached to this back panel so

you just give a few turns and it comes

off just pry it open get some this one

more turn there we go stuff just like

that to the side and we have battery

here which we will use this to take out

up the side now we have some more screws

we have one two three four five six

seven eight nine nine screws to take out

and these screws I mean when you're

taking one of these apart it's a good

idea to remember that screws the type of

screws I went into which holes basically

because it's sometimes hard to remember

after you have everything it's a good

idea to take pictures as you're doing

this but that's why it's why the reasons

why I'm making the video so I mean when

I post this is I haven't taken this one

apart that much I've only taken the 3d s

part maybe a few times I'm not I

normally work with the D s lights but

that's okay see this is last one no get

one more and once you have it all out it

should be fairly open so we have the one

that's here too you always forget about

this one this one is a small silver one

okay and we just lift it up and it comes

off pretty easily you should you

shouldn't give you too much trouble open

this up once you have all the screws out

and then once you have this open there

are two places where it's connected to

the motherboard through these small

ribbon cables so don't lift it out off

with too much force oh you risk tearing

these arabic cables these cables are

attached to the shoulder buttons which

there we go which is attached to this

bottom piece here

I'm not going to well I guess I could

take this string and I take this apart

to maybe after I'm done taking the main

unit apart because it's the bigot it's a

good idea to know how to do this too as

well because you're often gonna have to

clean the shoulder bones now once you

have it open you have four screws on

your left side and these are these small

silver screws take these out

okay and you also have this cave this

black cable here or just attached to

this piece you get pop this piece off

and then detach it from the black cable

and put off to the side and just leave

that there is this little rubber thing

that's in this little compartment here

we could pull that out

oops or not come out of the rubber thing

here we go just put it back in

I'm not sure what this piece is but

there we go anyway so now we have a two

more screws on this side this is the SD

card slot and these screws are similar

to the ones on the outside I think

and once you take those off this should

hinge open be careful not to hinge it

too far this is a black piece here I

could take off and there's normally two

more screws here and here however I

didn't put it back in because they're at

pain usually they're yeah they're paying

the butt to get to so just I don't even

include them anymore and just come off

yeah this usually is plugged in to here

anyway this thing is the thumb stick on

the left hand side and usually have a

screw in these two corners I just have

this one because I can find the other

Shiro I was taking apart last and once

you had add those screws off off you get

this up and you can detach it from the

motherboard here let's put up to the

side okay and then black piece once it's

a loose piece I mean it's good not to

try to lose lose things um everyone do

there's this ribbon cable here just want

to pop out up open and then remove it

and then underneath that there is this

one let's remove that like that I think

we're ready to take this off

and then we just pivot hibbett it put

like a book

now there's another ribbon cable here

attached to the motherboard so just pop

that off now we have the motherboard and

the bottom screen removed I'll just keep

the bottom screen on the bottom screen

attaches here this is the touch screen

ribbon cable and this is the main screen

ribbon cable if I don't turn out to I'm

not going to remove it because it's a

pain but because it's underneath this

guy and you hit this up too much it

could potentially break off at these two

points I'll have to resolder that back

on which I really don't want to do for

the this video now this now this rivet

nut this a normal cable wraps around

like this it's pretty long so just up to

the side and then you have these rubber

pads there then you can just dump out

the buttons there we are dump panel

buttons okay now we have this piece over

here just going to take this out this is

the probably stump it yep this piece is

part of the slide here which is this

little thing

okay so for that we're going to put it

up I can't take this part off yet it

still can't do it until we open up this

top portion now the next part is kind of

tricky you're going to have to use a lot

of force won't be as hard this time

because I've already taken this off but

there's this cover here this is a cover

the top screen and this whole area here

is just one piece so what I found best

to do is take off these rip one of these

rubber bits here and then get like a

flathead screwdriver like I have here

and just kind of get underneath

underneath it and pry it up an inch in

get your fingers underneath it in and

just use you have to use a lot this is

tough material so you're not going to

rip it you're not going to you're not

going to rip this so don't worry you're

going to and it's a lot easier right now

because I've taken it off before but the

first time you take this off is going to

be really hard to take off so there you

go because this is really sticky on the

back here very mean right now it's

fairly sticky and then try not to pry it

over on over here because that's where

the speaker is I've torn a speaker to

before trying to do it there just do it

from this corner or this corner over

here and you'll be fine but I use a lot

of you're gonna have to use a lot of

force and you're going to feel like

you're going to break something but you

won't like I said this is tough material

now we have more screws to go we have

one two three four five six

seven eight these are small yeah they're

the small black screws oops

to date once yeah though it's going to

be this is going to come off I mean I

don't remember remember really how tough

I mean that was pretty easy for me

because accidentally broke a piece off

right here which makes it a lot easier

to take this off so if I did that backs

okay so now we have this is the top

string and various other stuff we're

going to want to remove now we have

access to this is through this bit we're

going to neat there's a free college

it's a hinge piece that's inside here

and you can't take it out completely but

we're going to have to push it down

because a half because right now it's

connecting its what's connecting the

bottom piece with this top piece it's

inside both of these two areas here so

we're going to have to use something to

push it now there's a small they're

gonna push it out tilts until you see it

out like that you can't do that until

this thing is off because there's a

piece here that blocks this this area so

once you have that off as you can see

it's just a matter now we're going to


these ribbon cables this is why there's

this little slot here makes it easier to

view these ribbon cables through and the

wire and there we get this the bottom

piece and this thumb that never

completely comes off it just you don't

really need it to come off anyway at the

side now we just have to deal with the

top screen which honestly is one of the

most difficult parts okay take this and

we just that now the first thing is to

take out this wire here we go completely

take it off and to the side there you go

all right now in order to do this you

want to roll because we have to roll it

up oh this is passionate

yeah spinlock not sure kid

there we go I think if you have small

fingers you're probably better off just

and try not to use too much for summing

ribbon cables rip really easily you got

to be careful I mean

I'm trying not to but maybe I could

remove these first then your movie

outside one let's take this off

there's this metal to here what you need

to take off take off as well so if we


they hold us kill back and I can push

these through

might be easier if we take this off here

that way

detach it from the top screen because

there we go

top screens off and yeah these speakers

are very magnetic

yeah three about this is matter moving

this guy which you pain

right not a battery before he could a

completely finished but right when I was

able to take this off from the top

portion it it dies I think it made it on

video anyway we got everything taking

the part we got the top string you got

this portions part top screen I mean at

this point you probably want to clean

everything because when you get DSS a

usually prior to their regionally pretty

dirty I'd I've already cleaned this one

before because I taking apart before and

I think last I think I said I was going

to show you take this off I mean there's

nothing really not much to this here is

their just the shoulder shoulder buttons

there's just some screws here mate

I mean this piece comes off and I don't

think it's really that big of a deal I

mean probably just figure out pretty

easily added do you this I mean this is


my goal just do it real quick I guess

it's say I want to take everything apart

well most most everything I'm not going

to take that polish for not because of

pain about okay this comes up this is

this part and this is comes off this is

the SD card door this is the battery

compartment over here so we just this

side wheel these screws there's three of

them there should be

three so black piece here she come up

fairly easily be careful not to tear the

ribbon cable there and then this comes

off there's a spring here sure you don't

lose it otherwise I won't have to go

build it and have the springiness of

that portion then this just comes out

it's just resting in here try not to use

too much force there we go so that's the

left shoulder button so keep it right

there try to you know always remember I

mean what pieces go where and you can

take this off I guess you guys okay

there's one up here too and this comes

off there's a left piece down here but

you can just pop off just like that

not sure what purpose this serves and we

still have one more screw take this off

it's pop so there we go and just like

the other side we just pop this oh we

still have this like the other side

there's a spring air oh wait there's

also this is where our tweeters come in

handy this little piece here on both

sides just put that there we go and then

this is the right shoulder button and

then both sides are going to have these

four little square don't want to lose

these just double them there should be

two on each side

and they just go in the places that look

like squares that symbol so I think

that's completely taken apart everything

is has been taken apart and that's how

you do it it's not that hard it's a a

lot of pieces involved sure but it's now

you just take it one step at a time and

we just have the bottom screen still

attached to the weather barks I don't

really want to detach it anyway that's

how you do it thanks for watching and

see ya