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welcome to digital toolbox here we are

in Autodesk 3ds max design 2010 and

we're going to import the farnsworth

house model that we just exported out of

right now so a bit import import merge

maybe if you have other font other items

in the scene but doesn't matter so I'll

select my 3ds file and merge objects or

completely replace as up to you and then

convert units I find isn't I'm going to

convert them anyway so it doesn't

doesn't really matter I'll say okay and

I'm not going to change the animation

timeline so here we are looks pretty

good if we go to hidden line you can see

that the it the wireframe looks you know

very similar to what we exported not

exactly the same so I'm just to verify

how big my you know what size it is

I'm going to click on the floor plate

and then go over to utilities this

hammer and click on measure it says it's

5 feet 6 by 2 feet by 4 inches so no

that's not what I want but that's about

that's the inch version or a 12 what I

want so I'll select everything and then

I will just right click and I'm going to

scale it up 12 times to do it exactly

I'm just going to click on this little

box under scale the dialog box and I can

do just X Y or Z I'm just going to do

world 12 hundred percent type it enter

okay get out of that I'm going to go

back to the move and that's it I'm going

to have to move it back you know kind of

respective to the world origin if I want

but otherwise that's it so now we are

ready to start getting our wandering set