3D Lite By Summer Infant Umbrella Stroller: Product Review

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hey guys welcome back to my Channel

today I'm going to do a quick review on

my umbrella stroller I have the 3d light

I use it for when we go on trips we're

assuming my supporter eco and we use the

stroller just because we don't want to

damage our other stroller

this roll I bought for about $60 at

Babies R Us because we price match with

Amazon so go ahead and check this video

out and I hope you guys like it this is

my umbrella stroller that I have it is

the 3d light it's in all black they have

different colors I think a blue and a

red just because our family grows and we

don't want to just do one typical color

so this is a regular umbrella stroller I

wanted something that the back goes the

back rest goes back because my daughter

still likes to take naps during the day

if we're out I won't want her to miss

her nap and then ruin the beautiful day

that we have so to adjust the back there

is a red little lever on both sides you

just go ahead and press down and then

slide back so now it has a full back

where you can lay it down if it's too

much you just go ahead and push up and

you hear their little click and that

means it's one level if you want it all

the way up and you push all the way up

it does have a 5-point harness here so

you could go ahead and click the sides

in and it does have an adjustment

adjustable on the sides for around the

waist and for the shoulders the umbrella

side is a little and this is I went

ahead a little bit more coverage so you

go ahead and push down so my child is

eight months it doesn't fully cover her

her legs are so exposed from the Sun and

so is her face she might just be too

little still but for this

umbrella stroller I wish the shade was a

little bit more longer or maybe a little

wider but it does get good coverage for

a taller kid what the back you guys have

a little holder here for your cell phone

or your keys whatever it may be that's

not it

at the bottom it does have a little miss

for something smaller it only limits 10

pounds so if you have a big join or mix

diaper bag like me it does fit down here

so don't even try

oh it does come with a cup holder if

your child doesn't need a clock fold

you're at the bottom and you could just

move it up if if he or she does you can

just slide it off nicely sign it off and

then clip it down there for them so it

doesn't have brakes on each wheel and it

has four wheels at the bottom you go

ahead just push it down and push it back

up the brakes are pretty solid it

doesn't move on tile so but if you're

out it really doesn't move the most

beautiful thing about this stroller

especially these other travelers like us

it only weighs 11 pounds and it's full

easily and very tiny and it also comes

with a strap so that way you can just

throw it over your shoulder so just fold

it you there's two things that you have

to do at the same time you have to press

down on a lever and pull up so like so

you just press down and pull up and it's

full it does have a little stopper on

science forget which side it is all

right here so that way it doesn't pull

up or unfold easily you go ahead and

just throw it over your shoulder which

any third District up on to unfold it

you just have to unclip this part and


and your visitor that we doesn't like to

my video go ahead and give it a big

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